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Pathfinder Conversion
Chardovil's systems are converting from D&D 5e to Pathfinder 2e!
Godslayer materials will written for PF 2e first, while Ascension materials will be converted later, due to the Upstairs Gang's ongoing Ascension Campaign.

Session 1: Welcome to Larulan Report

General Summary

Bright 19 1506

  • Larulan
    • Sounds of struggle in the market
      • Blue Tiefling claims Hrafnir attempted to pickpocket him
      • Devror convinces Tiefling to let him follow to ensure Hrafnir's safety
        • Ruth follows along as well
    • Embassy
      • Tiefling promises party potential job if he can talk to Hrafnir
      • Party meets Caeda + Averof in Embassy lobby
        • Caeda honors Mavi's bargain; wishes to discuss details elsewhere
        • Mavi splits from party
    • Red Raven Inn
      • Caeda Yvrey offers party gp + potential long-term agreement
        1. Travel to Kaedessa and recover artifact
        2. Cross border into Ashijan
        3. Deliver artifact to Caeda in Gobriak
      • Party accepts; paid 50gp upfront
Upstairs Gang: Ascension
Ruth Vang
Report Date
05 Nov 2022
Primary Location

Cover image: Upstairs Gang Cover by Ynix
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