Campaigns on Hiatus
Both campaigns for Vaguely Competent and Upstairs Gang have been temporarily suspended. Worldbuilding for Chardovil has slowed significantly but will continue as I have the time and mental energy to do so. I appreciate your patience and support during this time.

Quest: Caeda's Request

Caeda hires the party to retrieve an artifact within the now-silent town of Kaedessa.  


  1. Journey North to Vochal
  2. Travel to Kaedessa
  3. Locate and retrieve the artifact
  4. Cross the Western border into Ashijan
  5. Travel to Gobriak
  6. Locate Caeda to deliver artifact
Bonus: Complete the quest without using Caeda Yvrey's Sealed Letter.  



All recieved rewards are divided among the party members.
150 gp. upon accepting the quest.
150 gp. upon delivery of the artifact.
Completion Date
25 Bright 1506
VC 20 March 2022
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Handout: Yvrey's File

Cover image: Chardovil Saga Cover by Ynix


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