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Both campaigns for Vaguely Competent and Upstairs Gang have been temporarily suspended. Worldbuilding for Chardovil has slowed significantly but will continue as I have the time and mental energy to do so. I appreciate your patience and support during this time.

Magic & Demons

"Nowhere is as antithetical to life itself as the Negative Plane. Even the Gods themselves find themselves with a Graveyard of their own here."
— Magic & Demons, pg 243
Magic & Demons is an overview on the Negative Plane and the horrifying monsters and places that reside within.


The text itself contains many crude drawings and maps theorizing what the landscape might be like or what creatures may live there, but a few facts are clear.

The Nightwalker

The Nightwalker is only known by the myths surrounding their supposed appearance in Chardovil East thousands of years ago. A drawing of the giant, vaguely humanoid creature is included in the text, along with accounts of its deadly "aura" that killed anyone that dared venture too close to these 25ft monsters. A death that not even resurrection magic could hope to reverse.

Why the Nightwalkers came to Chardovil in the first place is unknown, but it is common belief that they are the guards of the Graveyard of the Gods, ensuring that slain Gods do not escape their eternal confinement.

Graveyard of the Gods

Largely believed to be a real place, the Graveyard of the Gods serves to answer the question: "What happens to Gods when they die?" There, they are forever imprisoned and guarded by the Nightwalkers to ensure they cannot escape. While exact conditions are unknown, the Graveyard is commonly thought to be equivalent to divine Hell.
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Negative Plane
Graveyard of the Gods

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