Campaigns on Hiatus
Both campaigns for Vaguely Competent and Upstairs Gang have been temporarily suspended. Worldbuilding for Chardovil has slowed significantly but will continue as I have the time and mental energy to do so. I appreciate your patience and support during this time.

Lovers & Neighbors

"We're destined to be together, Anhara!"
"I'm already dating Kytala next door! Did you not notice that I'm gay, Yunar?"
— Loves & Neighbors, Chapter 14
Lovers & Neighbors is a romance-comedy novel where the main character, Yunar, falls in love with and courts his neighbor Anhara. They spend time going to shows, enjoying nights out together, and he gives her multiple gifts in hopes to win her affections. However, the twist is that Anhara is a lesbian and has been dating her other neighbor, Kytala, this entire time, and thought Yunar was just a friend.
Text, Literary (Novel/Poetry)

Cover image: Chardovil Saga Cover by Ynix


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