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Gems of Magic

"While the common man understands diamonds to merely be conduits of divine magic used for resurrection, when subjected to different conditions, they become capable of far more than simply resurrection."
— Gems of Magic, Chapter 4: Diamonds
Gems of Magic details different gems, their properties, and uses in magic. It has an entire chapter dedicated to the many types of Diamonds and their uses.


Overview of Diamonds

  • Crystal Diamonds
    • Normal, white diamonds
    • Used as offerings for resurrection magic or status symbols
  • Black Diamonds
    • Black/Dark Green diamonds
    • Created by subjecting a diamond to intense magic
    • Used as powerful spell gems of spellcasting foci
  • Soul Diamonds
    • Bright Blue diamonds
    • Created by subjected a diamond to the psychic wind of the Astral Plane
    • Used for storing and projecting memories, and protection from psychic attacks
  • Verity Diamonds
    • Violet/Silver Diamonds
    • Unknown Origins
    • Unknown Uses; commonly carried by Voidwalkers
Text, Literature

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