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Families of Ashijan: House Yvrey

Families of Ashijan is a series of biographies written by friends of the Prime Houses of Ashijan, with each book having a different House as its subject.


Origins of House Yvrey

A brief overview of the history of the Yvrey family reveals it dates back to the founding of Altraxia, when Vilra Yvrey married the warmonger Havch Kasont, who would go on to found the nation of Altraxia before being killed in battle.

After Havch's death, Vilra has no interest in ruling, so she abdicated and sailed to Chardovil West, where, alongside the man who would later begin House Nitale, they founded Ashijan.

Attempted Single Succession

While House Nitale has practiced Single-Succession since its inception, House Yvrey did not until its 3rd generation. Because Vilra had 2 children, and her daughter, Virna Yvrey would go on to marry Ajoris Nitale, the Yvrey family could, in the event of a power vacuum, claim the Crown of Ashijan for themselves.

Nennin Yvrey was the first to practice Single Succession within House Yvrey, marrying Leoro Ashcarn and having a single child, Dava Yvrey. For over a century, it was common belief that the Yvreys still practiced Single Succession, as Caeda Yvrey was the only known Yvrey Heir, however the discovery of Nadyra Yvrey proves that Dava Yvrey herself did not conform to her mother's single-child policy.

Back Cover

Folded in the back cover is a diagram of the Yvrey family tree, but it includes details the book itself does not.

The diagram reveals that Dava's husband, Arrivi Yvrey, had an affair with the changling Cherish Kane, who bore a son, Nadyra, thus making him both a bastard and only Caeda's half-brother.

It also has Cherish's relationships attached, revealing she already had a child from Ozxik Kane, Eriole Lightheart.


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Cover image: Ashijani Research Cover by Ynix


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