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Averof Kyprou


Albyn Crest by Ynix via Armoria
Vochal Crest by Ynix via Armoria
Ashijan Crest by Ynix via Armoria
House Nitale Crest by Ynix via Armoria
Ashijani Research Crest by Ynix via Armoria
House Yvrey Crest by Ynix via Armoria
Aplor's crest is outdated so I didn't attach it here
Lady Caeda Yvrey by Ynix via Hero Forge
Lord Nadyra Yvrey by Ynix via
Sakalli Cilith by Ynix via Hero Forge
Grysthel Ynkori by Ynix via Hero Forge
Lady Irhas Medrax by Ynix via Armoria
Lady Niyalya Gethra by Ynix via Hero Forge
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  • Friendly w/ Ashijani nobility
    • Ashijan has lent a sizeable force to aid Aplor
    • Noble houses such as the Yvreys offered personal armies to fill lost Ashijani ranks
      • Sent to assist Caeda Yvrey
      • Scouts from the 41st sent to assist different Ashijani houses
  • At war w/ Cinem
    • Shares northern border w/ Aplor
    • Cinem and Isati are friendly - Aplor fears Isati will join the war
    • Discovered site of massacre on scouting mission
      • Briefly passed by town while returning home; within Aplorian territory
      • Townspeople wiped out
        • No evidence of perpetrators
        • Cause of death unknown
      • Told by superiors to forget the incident
        • Whispers of magical assassins called "The Veil" active in the area
  • Uneasy Allies w/ Altraxia
    • Altraxia extended offer to monitor Isati and engage if necessary
    • Aplor reluctantly accepted
      • Rumors that leadership suspects Altraxia has imperialist goals


  • 5 "Prime" Noble Houses
    1. House Nitale - Current ruling family
      • Current Ruler: Lalrint Nitale
        • Took throne 5 years ago
        • Father abdicated throne - smooth transition of power
      • Young ruler but unintimidated by other Houses
      • Allegedly suspicious due to her father's assassination
    2. House Yvrey - oldest Ashijani house
      • Two known members - Caeda and Nadyra
      • Nadyra was publicly declared a legitimate Yvrey 10 years ago
      • Yvreys have enough influlence to contest the throne
        • Both have explicitly stated they are uninterested
      • Caeda is an accomplished sorceress
        • Prefers to keep knowledge out of public sphere
        • Argues that because her brother is not a sorcerer, his legitimacy may be contested
        • She sponsors a pair of scientists in Gobriak - Sakalli Cilith, Grysthel Ynkori
    3. House Gethra, old Ashijani house
      • Centuries-old ties to Vochal
      • Recent tensions w/ Vochal jeapordize their position of power
      • Met Lady Nitalya Gethra once
        • Didn't care much for formalities
        • Relaxed but guarded demeanor
    4. House Elkas - textile industry giants
      • Responsible for most magical attire within Ashijan
    5. House Kysona - little political power but shrewd family
      • Tensions w/ Yvrey family, Nadyra specifically
        • No known reason why
      • Irhas Medrax is member of House Kysona - did not change name upon marriage
        • Cold and hostile towards Yvreys
        • Curious of Averof's presence at party until she saw Yvrey pin
  • Ashijani Places/Culture
    • Popular fashion dictated by the nobility (primarily Nitale's fashion choices)
      • Asymmetry, shades of violet and silver, elaborate shoulder pieces on clothing
    • Major cities include: Gobriak, Shar, Narim, Zanarg, Niraz
      • Shar - Capitol
      • Gobriak - Scientific Hub
      • Narim - Fabric and Clothing
      • Niraz - Shared between Obonjon and Ashijan
      • Shalaburn - Home to Largest Ashijani University

Cover image: Upstairs Gang Cover by Ynix


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