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Time to pack up

This spell was created thanks to a joint effort of the believers of the churches of gods of magic residing in the Viatys, the city of a thousand faiths after they needed to move their ornate church one time too many.
They were angry that the money they put into architecture and (really heavy) statues went down the drain, and now the believers of other faiths had their building.   Nowadays, they sell the scrolls containing this spell to other believers living in Viatys.
However, they do so only if they have some kind of confirmation that the person they are dealing with is the owner or high priest of the church it will be used on.


It lets the caster to pick the part of the building up in the air and shrink it to the size of the thumb.
If the thing they picked up is a fragment of architecture, in its place the surface that is left will be completely smooth, as it was before it was placed or carved there.   The second part of the spell lets the caster put the shrunk piece on another surface and change its size adequately.
During this time, the piece is completely ethereal, so it can be placed even within other things, such as walls or ceiling. Additionally, the spell will connect the parts as if they were always one piece.   Normally, the spell can be used only when the owner of the house is present.
That rule prevents anyone from just robbing people.
However, there are variations of this spell on the black market that don't require the permission of the owner.
But they can only move and shrink things that aren't part of the building.   There also were times when the spell was used as a weapon when a very heavy object was placed on the chandelier.
The chain of the said chandelier would then break and crush anyone who was underneath it.   This spell can only be used on the inanimate objects.


There is a slight golden glow around the hands of the caster while the pieces are changing the size and floating.

Gestures & Ritual
When the caster mutters the incantation, they need to extend their relaxed hands in front of them so they point at the chosen target.
After that, if they move both of their hands in any direction, the target will move the same way.
Clenching the fingers moves the piece closer and opening them moves it away from the caster.
Moving one of their hands rotates the piece the same way.
Moving hands closer or away from each other shrinks and grows the target.
Saying the incantation again places the object.
Related School
Effect Duration
The spell lasts until the object is placed again anywhere.
Effect Casting Time
Saying the incantation takes around a minute.
During picking up and placing the target, it can be up to 100 meters from the caster.
It requires some practice, but it is fairly easy spell to use.
Applied Restriction
The targets can be only the things, the owner gave the permission to move.
It only works on the inanimate objects.

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