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Natasha Stone

Champion Natasha Stone (a.k.a. The Trainer)

Physical Description

Body Features

Natasha spends a lot of time inside, and as result she's paler than the average Hoennite. She's rather skinny, but she keeps herself fit with the training she does almost daily with her Pokemon. She takes her time in her appearance and tries to keep herself healthy but it isn't always easy.

Facial Features

She's got a skinny but not gaunt face, most of the time it's hidden behind a mask which hides her features. Natasha has a distaste for makeup and prefers to not wear it, rather choosing to hide away with the mask instead.

Identifying Characteristics

Natasha is covered in scars. She doesn't allow people to see them as she wears gloves, long-sleeved clothes and anything she can use to hide her scars.
Her silver eyes are very recognisable to most of the Hoenn region as all the Stones have them, both her father and her brother.

Apparel & Accessories

Because of her sensitivity to the cold, Natasha wears robes that she made herself to keep herself warm. Along with the robes, she wears turtlenecks or other types of warm, long-sleeved tops. She takes her time to make sure that she looks good in what she wears and that she can keep warm at the same time. While battling in any professional setting she wears a mask to hide away her face.

Specialized Equipment

Natasha's keeps her pokemon in her Poké Balls. She doesn't often keep them too far away from her.

Her team consists of Lux the Lucario, Beanie the Sceptile , Cass the Milotic, Spark the Raichu, Peridot the Noivern and Leif the Gardevior.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Natasha’s birth wasn’t a big affair, it was just a birth like any other, despite the press trying to hound her family - ‘Another Stone heir is born!’ - they were quickly shooed away from the hospital. Steven was five when Natasha’s was born and he loved her from the moment he cradled her the first time, and she, him. Her first words were ‘Stevy!’

Three years old
The Stone children’s mother disappeared when just a few months after she turned three years old. Mr Stone didn’t know what to make of the new responsibility as he had to go to Unova that month to go to a conference on Devon products. He brought his children along and left his eight-year-old son and three-year-old daughter with an Officer Jenny. Steven and Natasha were quick to run offbeat because it was the big city!! Unlikely anything they had ever seen in silly Mossdeep or boring Lilycove.

Steven bought them a Casteliacone to share with his pocket money. Afterwards they went up to play at the fountain to the north of the city... when things went very wrong. Steven was picking at the loose stones near the side of the fountain, his attention captured and away from husband young sister. It was the perfect time for the moment to strike.
When Steven turned back around, his little was nowhere to be seen.

While Steven’s attention was captured, Natasha had been dragged by a slimy looking man clad in all black. No matter how hard she fought against him, he dragged her outside the protection ignored the city and no into the desert outside. Even in the desert, the dead of winter, it was freezing. Natasha cried and begged the man to let her go. She was cold her jacket wasn’t warm enough. He ignored her pleas, rather stuffing her into a tin shed that didn’t anything to stop the cop from coming in. When heard the man outside talking smithing about money. She didn’t know what he meant.

The man stepped inside soon after, and Natasha tried to make a run for it. She was stopped by a huge Arbok who hissed at her. Natasha looked up are the man and the snake Pokémon fearfully, whimpering under her breath as tears and snot rolled down her face. He said something to her about behaving and not doing anything naughty as then Arbok grew closer. It looked to the man, who nodded. The Pokémon struck, sinking long teeth into her shoulder, through her winter jacket and into her skin. Natasha’s howl of pain soon grew into screeches of agony as the snake Pokémon injected its venom. When the snake Pokémon drew back, Natasha slumped backwards, feeling dizzy and weak. She heard the door open but not close but she couldn’t bring herself to move, let alone escape. Time passed sluggishly or all at once. She didn’t know.

The next thing that Natasha registered was sweet juices running into her mouth and down her throat. She opened heavy eyelids and saw a small very fluffy blue Pokémon standing above her with a half squished peach’s berry in his paws. Seeing her eyes open the blue Pokémon jumped and squeezed harder, before tossing the room rest of the berry to the side. this Pokémon curled up around Natasha and it was only then when realised horn cold she was. Her arms curled around the blue Pokémon and cuddled into its warmth. Her perception of time soon faded again.

Natasha didn't know what happened for a long time - or a short time she couldn't tell, and for a long time, she was floating in the pain and the cold, the only thing that anchored her to this world was the fluffy blue pokemon in her arms. In this distance, she heard someone shouting and heard banging sounds. Hands grabbed her arms and pulled her. She whined and tried to struggle but she could barely move. Someone spoke above her, but it sounded like she was underwater, and she couldn't hear what was being said. Natasha was pulled into a war chest, and someone wrapped something around her. The fluffy blue pokemon was ripped from her arms, and Natasha whined quietly under her breath. The warmth that wrapped around her lulled her into another uneasy unconsciousness.

When she woke up finally, she was warm, but she could still feel the cold deep in her bones, she could feel aches and pains that hadn't been there before. Fear rose in her chest again and she started to cry, unsure where she was, scared that the Arbok would come back for her. She felt something under her arm and turned to look at the sleeping blue pokemon at her side. The one that had saved her life.

Four Years Old
Natasha didn't remember much of her ordeal, whether it be repressed memories or because she just didn't want to, she didn't really know. She learnt that she had been very badly poisoned by the Arbok that attacked her. Had it not been for the pokemon that brought her the Pecha she wouldn't be alive - it was him as well that had kept her from succumbing to the cold. Mr Stone had allowed the pokemon to stay with his daughter as he didn't really seem to want to leave. Natasha dubbed the pokemon Lux, and they rarely left each other's side now, even being back in Hoenn and being safe with the babysitter.

Unfortunately, even a year on there were lasting effects. Natasha found it very hard to keep herself warm even in the very hot climate of Hoenn and she wore turtlenecks daily because it was just too hard to stay warm in the sun. Along with that ... there were the scars. Not just from the bite, but from the poisoning. Spreading across and under her skin like Lichtenberg Figures, deep purple and all over her arms, chest and legs. She was spared from getting them on her face, but they do creep up her neck. Mr Stone rarely talked to his daughter now, and Steven sometimes avoided her altogether. She didn't know why.

Seven Years Old
Steven had some odd friends. They came over to 'hang out' quite often, and Natasha spent the time with them whenever Steven would let her - which wasn't often, bit sometimes when she was out playing with Lux, Maxie would come over to her and ask her what she was doing.

Maxie and Archie were like brothers, thick as thieves but with very different opinions. Maxie loved the land, the volcano over at Mt. Chimney. Archie prefered the ocean, diving with his pokemon. Natasha preferred the land now, being that it was so hard for her to keep warm.

Ten Years Old
As tradition dictates, when a child turns ten they can choose their starter pokemon from Professor Birch and start their journey to become a trainer. Steven and Mr Stone were both reluctant to let Natasha leave, with her history with pokemon in the past - despite having Lux with her most of the time. She wasn't allowed to start, and was forced to stay home.

Maxie and Archie came over to visit one day, but Steven was in Rustburo with their father, learning about the company. It was Maxie's idea to leave Mossdeep to go to the volcano. Both he and Archie knew about her problem keeping warm, and Maxie gushed to her about how amazingly warm it was up on Mt. Chimney. You could even see the lava from the viewing platform!

The volcano quickly became one of Natasha's place as there she could actually take of her heavy coat without being paralysed from the cold. She and Lux could only ever get there with Maxie's help however, which she didn't mind. He was nice to her.

Eleven Years Old
Natasha was finally, finally allowed to pick her starter, whom she named Beanie. Lux was still her 'starter' but all trainers had to go through the process of choosing one of the three elemental starters, Torchic, Mudkip and Treecko - the starter Natasha chose. She started out her journey as any trainer would, training her pokemon, helping them learn moves, and as she did so, Lux evolved. While training, she came across a Ralts being bullied by some wild pokemon. She caught the small pokemon and named her Leif.

Natasha took out the first two gyms in less than a week, a feat unheard of by most other trainers her age. In this time, Steven won the battle against the current champion of the region and took the title for himself at 16 years old. Natasha wondered why her own fights had been so easy so she talked to some other trainers - Maxie and Archie and they told her that her own matches weren't anything like there's. Not knowing what to make of this information, Nastaha went back home to Mossdeep, where she learnt that because she was a Stone, and with Steven being the current champion, the gyms were going easy on her.

Natasha made a persona for herself. A mask, a hood and a cape - anything she could to make herself unrecognisable to the gym leaders and the public when she battled. As she worked her way through the first two gyms again, she found them much more of a challenge than she did when she first battled and was pleased with herself with the win as she worked for it this time, rather than have it given to her because of her family's power in the region.

It took her about three months to get to the fourth gym, and on the way, another pokemon joined her team. She was making her way through Fiery Path when she came across a small shiny pokemon. A Noibat that she called Peridot. Natasha and her team of four took some time to take a break from the gyms to train. In this time, Natasha also came across two more pokemon, a Feebas and a Pikachu, Cass and Spark respectively.

Sixteen Years Old
Natasha took her time completing the last four gyms, and by the time she was turning 16 she had only just walked out of the last gym with her last badge. She flew on Peridot to the volcano, wanting to spend some time in the warmth as a reward for herself and her pokemon after their long-fought battles. It was here that she saw Maxie again for the first time in a few years. He didn't come by the house in Mossdeep anymore with Steven living in Ever Grande and her travelling the world. He was muttering to himself something about the volcano.

Eighteen Years Old
Natasha took some more time off from the league challenge now that she had collected all the badges. She took the time to spend with Maxie and what he was doing. He had started getting very into the old stories about how Hoenn was formed, with the legendary Pokemon Groudon. She had always had a little bit of a kid crush on him when she was a child and she had only fallen harder every time she saw him. He wouldn't admit it, but he had liked her as well.

Maxie and Natasha were at Mt. Chimney again, they spent a lot of time there together these days because Maxie was just so fascinated by the going on of how it worked and how it was connected to Groudon and the other legendary pokemon. One thing eventually led to another between them, and Natasha became pregnant. She became fearful that something would happen to Maxie because of the age difference between them. She cut off all contact with him, and it broke her heart, and she assumed that he hated her because of it.

Natasha's daughter was born early in the morning. She was a healthy baby with bright red hair and beautiful blue eyes. She looked just like her father, if Natasha was being honest, and she adored her.

Twenty Years Old
Natasha started getting more into league challenging again after her daughter was born. She started training her pokemon again - letting them look after her daughter - she loved how fluffy Lux was - and eventually, she and her team were ready to face the elite four and her brother for the champion position.

Natasha donned her mask and robes once more, leaving her daughter in the care of her father, (who loved his granddaughter dearly).

The battles at Ever Grande were televised across the region, the live battle calling out to the fans of the masked trainer who had disappeared for several years. Natasha swept through the four battles easily, taking small breaks in between to make sure that she wasn't pushing her pokemon too far.

Steven Stone, the champion of Hoenn and her older brother. Natasha hadn't seen him in years, ever since he really became swamped with the responsibilities of the champion.

Seeing him now, standing across from her as the Champion, was one of the best feelings in the world. The battle was long, and Natasha came down to her very last pokemon, Lux against Steven's Metagross. They collided in the middle of the field and dust was thrown into the air. When it cleared, both pokemon were still standing, and Natasha was slightly taken aback ... until Steven's metagross fainted. She was the winner, and the Champion of the Hoenn region.

Twenty Four Years Old
She had been with her daughter at the parklands near Petalburg. Natasha and her daughter had been looking for pokemon in the bushes and the trees. They'd found a small group of shroomish, and her daughter was having a good time playing with the small grass type pokemon. Natasha turned away for merely a moment to answer a call about the league and a potential character when she turned back to her daughter ... who was no where to be seen.

Natasha was unable to find her daughter and as each day passed it became less and less likely that she was going to be found. Natasha's heart was broken, and she didn't know what to make of herself.

Natasha took some time from the league, allowing Steven to take back the title while she went off travelling with her pokemon, away from the responsibilities of the league and the reminders of her daughter.

While she was travelling, she came across Latios, and made her contract. He rarely leaves her side now, always hovering somewhere close, invisible.

Twenty Five Years Old
Natasha took back her title as Champion nearly eight months after her daughter disappeared. It was a long road coming back, but she was welcomed by the Elite Four and her brother. Her first challanger was a young woman who lost, badly, but was happy to have challenged the Masked Trainer.

Two months after returning to Ever Grande City as the Champion. She was fighting a particularly tough challenger who was using a Golem. She had Beanie out on the field, the grass type was standing fine, if not a little injured. Her opponent called out for an explosion and both Beanie and Natasha braced themselves as the Golem started to glow, before exploding in a shower of stones and dust, leaving it impossible to see the battlefield.

Natasha cautiously called out to Beanie, who responded in turn with a growl of his name. She could hear it in his tone, he was hurt, but he could still go on for the next fight. The referee for the match called out that the opponent's next pokemon was a Zangoose. Natasha saw the flash of red and white fur through the dust and she squinted slightly.

The pokemon had dashed past Beanie, and on the other side of the field, she heard her opponent shout an order. The next thing she felt was claws ripping through her clothes, digging into her chest and ripping downwards. She let out a shocked gasp and she heard a shout from somewhere. Natasha dropped to the ground like stone, unsure what had happened. Everything around her moved slowly, a flash of red above her and Lux appeared, throwing the Zangoose across the room. The dust on the battlefield cleared and she heard the angry shouts of the trainer across the field.

She looked down and saw that the Zangoose had slashed her chest open. Her robes were ripped and slowly starting to be covered with blood. The referee was shouting something above her, and there was something cradling her head but she couldn't make out what exactly it was. Her vision tunneled and for a moment, she was back in that cold shed in Unova, dying from being poisoned.

Recovery afterwards was a long drawn out affair. No one could figure out what was the reason behind the attack, nor was the trainer talking. Natasha doubted that she would ever know. She still battled as the Champion even while recovering, the staples in her chest pulled when she got too exicited and the worry that she saw in the eyes of her pokemon sometimes made her angry, but they were like her, fighters until the very end.


Full time Champion of the Hoenn Region, spends time when not battling training with her pokemon, making sure that the police forces and other systems within the region run smoothly.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Achieved eight gym badges within Hoenn without being pitied for being in the Stone family. Did the same when going through the Elite Four battle and the Champion.

Mental Trauma

When Natasha was younger, she hated poison type pokemon. She wouldn't go near them at all and would often go into a catatonic state when they came near her, especially Arbok and Ekans. Now, she has a healthy dislike for them and while she still can't face snake-like pokemon. She tries to not let it affect her battles.


Contacts & Relations

Natasha has a close group of friends (see Titan Contract for more information) in which she shares some of her darkest secrets as they’re in the sameness boat as her being bonded themselves. This affiliation does well for Natasha as she has someone’s to trust.

Natasha is also affiliated with the Lati twins, bonded to Latios through the contract. She takes pride in this and Ian careful to protect her bonded as he protects her. Their contract states so long as they’re contracted together, Natasha will protect Latias and Latios and provide hem with berries and Natasha will have ready access to Latios’s flight, eyes and protection whenever when or another bonded needs it.

Natasha is the Champion of the Hoenn region and as such has major control over most of the happening so in the region. She tries not to interfere but sometimes it just happens.

Natasha wasn’t once in a relationship with Maxie from Team Magma, a few years before the criminal organisation was founded. She truly loves him and him, her. It was complex and dangerous and Natasha became pregnant. Maxie never found out he was a father.

She has a strange relationship with Lucy Stone

Family Ties

Natasha’s mother was a very kind woman, but little is known about her by her brother or by her. Their father rarely speaks of her but always smile she when he talks about her.

Steven Stone was the champion before Natasha and often takes back the title if Natasha goes travelling. He’s a very kind, loving brother and she didn’t know what she would do without his brilliant mind and resourcefulness ... even if he is a little mad about rocks.

Mr Devon Stone, Natasha’s father is as you can expect for someone who owns one of the biggest organisation since in the country. Despite what others may think or day, Natasha loves her father dearly, and she know she that he didn’t his very best rasing the two of them after their mother left.

Natasha loved her daughter after she was born, and even gave up her challange against the league to be able to raise her. She was crushed when she dissapeared, and hasn't quite gotten over it.

Social Aptitude

Natasha likes to smile, and she likes to tknmake ither peoples smile. She’s very happy when she’s around people she’s close to and she tries to be polite when amongst strangers. She tries not to let her sadness show on the surface, but sometimes when can’t help it, especially when she’s very close to the people she’s with. Shes a natural leader and will jump at any opertunity to lead a group and is careful gown she goes about it. She’s wary, but tries not to just books by their covers, but this has failed in the past.


Natasha will act like a mother to anyone remotely younger than her. She's very fussy with people and is always concerned about their health.

Hobbies & Pets

Natasha loves to spar and train with her pokemon. Lux in particular because of how close she is with him. They do it almost every night, on the cusp of Mt. Chimney where she knows she can train without freezing while she's wearing training clothes.

Wealth & Financial state

Being the Champion of the Hoenn region allows her wealth and control of the region, and being a Stone also gives her power that few others have. She doesn't like to flaunt her wealth and often gives to charity and to those less fortunate with her.
Being a Stone especially makes her uncomfortable in public as so many people know of the wealth and position of the Stones, being that her father is the head of Devon Corp..

Age 26
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Daughter to Mr. Devon Stone
Champion of the Hoenn Region
Lilycove General
Current Residence
Mossdeep City
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Silvery grey, often sad
Natural silver-grey, almost always dyed red
Aligned Organization
Devon Corp.

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Character Portrait image: by ElectricPuke


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