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Damien Tsar

Damein Tsar

Physical Description

General Physical Condition


Body Features

Damien has charcoal coloured skin and his entire torso is covered in burns. He's tall and has long fingers, arms and neck. He's slender and takes pride in keeping himself skinny - despite it sometimes takes a toll on his health.

Facial Features

Damien has high cheekbones and a too-skinny face. He hopes that his red eyes often take away from this fact as he doesn't want it to make him look too weak.

Identifying Characteristics

He has circular tattoos on his shoulder bones, but most of the design was burnt away. Very little of the tattoos are actually left.

Physical quirks

Damien is dominant in his left hand, but when in public uses his right because of the taboos about it. He prefers using his left hand when sword fighting as it gives him the surprise when he swaps mid battle.
He's a bit hesitant on his right foot, but doesn't like to show it, he takes careful time to plan out how he needs to move to not have his body at a disadvantage.

Special abilities

Damien's magical abilities are weak due to his lack of pratice, but he can make small fires and teleport short distances.

Apparel & Accessories

He has simple steel armour that he stole as he was fleeing the kingdom. He had to work it out for himself how to forge to make new sets he makes do. While not wearing his armour he prefers muted greens and greys as it makes it easier to hide in the treeline and away from the guards and other people who are still looking for his head.

Specialized Equipment

Damien likes using one-handed light swords and shields. He particularly talented with thin steel swords, but it depends on the enemy he is fighting.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Damien was born in a middle class family to a Dark Elf mother and a Snow Elf father - one of the few in this part of the world. He grew around other dark elf children and learnt quickly that he and his race weren't well liked amongst humans and other elf races, particularly the High Elves.
Despite this, Damien persevered in his education and physical training and he became a force to be reckoned with. Even at a young age he spoke for his Dark Elf friends and defended them if the High Elves ever got too nasty with them.
He was noticed because of this and highly regarded by his father to become something more in the future. As he got older, he went out less and less to focus on his education and when he turned 18 he was sent to the castle for training on being the ambassador for the Dark Elves. He very much liked this position, despite how he was treated in it. He knew from a child how people were when it came to Dark Elves.
He was filing away one morning when he came across some documents written by the King. Any other time he wouldn't have read them - especially as they were marked CONFIDENTAL and not in his own files. It was the fact that he could read that is was something about 'Dark Elves'. Upon reading it, he realised that it was a plot to commit a mass genocide on the Dark Elves in the kingdom. Blinded by anger and fear, Damien lashed out, killing the king with his own sword.
Damien was arrested and was to be hanged, he only escaped with the help of magic, which he still fears to use to this day.


Went through several decades of schooling with his father. Is able to calculate with ease and talk his way out of nearly any issue.
He also went through several years of military training and had he not gone into working in the castle he could be been a Captian in the army.


Before the accident, he worked on the castle community as a member of for the dark elves of the kingdom. In his position, he made sure that the dark elves got their rights, their money and not to be screwed over by the King's outrageous taxes.
Being a fugitive of the kingdom, he takes whatever jobs he can get, normally less than desirable ones that others wouldn't dare to touch.

Accomplishments & Achievements


Failures & Embarrassments

He believes the murder of the king to be his biggest failure. He often reflects on how he could have done better, brought attention to the plot, exposed the king for the racist bigot he really was and he knows that by killing the king he resigned his fate. Damien hadn't thought at the time what it would do to him, but still he doesn't regret doing it as it saved his family, his friends and every other dark elf living in the kingdom.

Mental Trauma

Magic is something that all elves can do, dark elves are often more influent in it than others. Damien doesn't like to use his own magic as it was the reason his mother was killed. He uses it more often as an adult now but avoids it where possible. Had it not been for his magic he wouldn't be alive today.

Intellectual Characteristics


Morality & Philosophy


Personality Characteristics



Savvies & Ineptitudes


Likes & Dislikes


Virtues & Personality perks


Vices & Personality flaws


Personality Quirks





Contacts & Relations


Family Ties

Damien's family cut off all ties with him when the 'accident' occured. He hasn't seen his family since then, and his mother longer as she died when he was young.



Hobbies & Pets



He likes to pronouce full words rather than abbreviating. When asked why, he'll only smile and ask why you speak in abbreviations. Damien's superstition with magic results in him believing words have power ... which they really do.

Dark Elf
Biological Sex
Very, very long snow white
Known Languages

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