Tales of the Eyecrows

The Eyecrows were a serious problem with a well documented history (see Eyecrow Plague but for most inhabitants of the Kingdom of Mor they are best known as a device for scaring small children and exhorting them to better behaviour. These tales tend to focus heavily on gore and whilst undoubtedly they have some success they have been accused of blinding many to the true events and occasionally still present danger.

Arno and the Eye Crows

Young Arno was a boy who all
Would shake their heads and wonder at
For wheresoever Arno was, he'd fall
Into a slumber where he sat

At home his parents did dispair
To keep him wakeful, tried them sore
They hid the benches, grand dad's chair
But Arno just slept on the floor

At school, his teachers made him stand,
They raised his desk, or kept him walking
But no matter what they planned
He'd even fall asleep while talking.

Now Arno's uncle's farm bred rabbits.
He thought an active outdoor life
Would help reset poor Arno's habits
And bring an end to snoozing strife.

So Arno's parents sent him off
To spend a summer on the farm
Alas, for though they knew it not
They sent the little chap to harm

Now Arno's uncle set the task
To herd the rabbits to the pasture
Up in the hills, he said "I'll ask
You not to sleep, thy move so fast you.."

Arno's Uncle shook his shoulder
To wake the lad; he carried on
"need to keep awake, I told yer,
or else you'll find that they're all gone"

Now for a while it seemed to work
For whilst he was inclined to slumber
Young Arno weren't inclined to shirk
And wanted not his uncle's thunder

But later on that afternoon
With the rabbits sheltering from a storm
Young Arno fell into a swoon
And fell asleep beneath a thorn

Now in that time it came to pass
An peril black upon the land
A flock of Eye Crows did harass
As though a crowd of souls well damned

Their leader saw the slumbering lad
Beneath the tree and fast asleep
The rabbits fled; the crows croaked sad
Two eyes were all they'd have to keep

Peck! the crow lord struck the left
Peck! his lady struck the right
Of eyes young Arno was bereft
For him the day became the night

His eyes they took up in their beaks
They flapped their wings and took to flight
I'll touch my own eyes as I speak
That they come not here this very night


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