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Star Stone Crafting

Written by AvalonFaery

Star Stone Crafting is a long lost technique used in order to create stones imbued with celestial power for a wide variety of purposes. Invented during the Age of the Fae in Moryn's history, all knowledge of how to create these stones was lost during the destruction in the Second Age. While some star stones still remain, any attempt at reserve-engineering the creation has been a catastropic failure.


Star Stones seemed to have been used in order to imbue certain stones with specific celestial energy for a wide variety of purposes. Archaeological digs have found an abundance of these specific stones within weapons, jewellery, and a wide variety of everyday object - some star stones were even built into the very houses the Fae used. It is unclear as to why these stones were created, but the method became incredibly popular and even common place amongst the Fae before the practice was lost.

Loss of Knowledge

Given just how prevelent the stones were in everyday life for the Fae, many historians have pondered just how so few records of the stones creation and use could have been lost during the destruction. Some have since theorised that the knowledge of these stones may not have been lost naturally and that instead may have been purposefully destroyed shorly after the collapse. This theory however has very little backing of the historical community as there is no visible reason as to why this would have happened - especially given the undoubtedly huge impact the destruction of the Fae civilisation would have had on the survivors.
Do you mortals ever even wonder why you spend so much time learning all this when any of the practical usefulness died out thousands of years ago?


Access & Availability
Inaccessable, knowledge lost
Seems to be incredibly complex
est. Mid-Second Age

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