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All he had to say was goodbye.   There are many worlds where romance died, or never began. The age of chivalry was consigned to the past as races pushed to the stars, scrambling over their fellows for a chance at salvation from the worlds they destroyed. Races fought tooth and nail over the stars between them. But romance never died on Cerra.   It's truly unlike any other world you've seen. The age of daring heroes, courteous nobles, chivalrous gentlemen and wonder at the unknown never ended, as it did everywhere else, but merely extended into the future. They rose to the challenge of the stars and conquered it in a way no other people could.   Visit and see it with your own eyes. The Valentine races around the moons of Kesara B. The cruiseliners that take those who wish to to see the stars. The roguish Guides. And maybe, just maybe, a new version of you.