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Cloud Crowns

The largest plant on the planet. Considered megaflora. They tower above any other tree, often a kilometer and a half tall or higher. They were all originally ðōnujulaeab, and are considered the oldest. They shaped themselves into a unique tree and grew to their enormous size.   Their roots extend for leagues and leagues below the ground, and they passively watch over and protect any within their domain. Their branches spread out further than they are tall and provide shade and shelter to hundreds of species of plants and animals.   The greatest and oldest of them sits at the northern shore of the Great Southern Sea, where the forests and mountains meet; its roots extend into all three regions. It was the ðōnulaeab that attended the Great Council in the old days. The zerɮudō that attended that same council now lies as a skeleton wrapped around the base of the tree, half claimed by roots. The oldest temple of the ɮudō to the shadows sits in its upper branches.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Across the continent; however, there are very few of them, as they take an exorbitant amount of time to grow.

Civilization and Culture

Historical Figures

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Common Myths and Legends

This is not said by them, but of them.   It is said that when a Cloud Crown dies and falls, great change is to come in the world. For when one of these trees fall they shake the earth for leagues and it can be felt near across the continent.   The Highest Magician cut down the Cloud Crown in the southwest of the continent, known for its role as a symbol of peace and treaty during the Elemental Wars. He cut it down to signal his impending military advance on the world. This act is considered the most aggressive since the Wars themselves. More than that, it was the beginning of the first organised, outright attack on the natural world made by light. This was not another war. This was a move made by the greatest threat to life itself.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
200,000+ years
Conservation Status
Considered not 'endangered' but sacred, therefore heavily protected.
Average Height
1km (.6mi) - 3km ( 1.86mi)
Average Weight
100,000 tonnes (110,000 tons) - 500,000 tonnes (550,000 tons)

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