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Home to hundreds of heroes from tales and fables, Haradoc is a vast naval-based region with seven variations of water from seven oceans, all of which contain groups of islands inhabited by Haradic. Amidst all of the islands, float the mighty capital, Haradoc City, acting as the watchtower to govern the vast naval country and trading in haradoc.   Despite being one of the most well-known monuments on Cereta, tourists aren't nearly as attracted to the floating city as they are to the unique zesty cuisine of the Haradic Culture. Haradoc is a dreamy land where every dish is dressed with an aroma more alluring than that of Haradic Perfume, from the heavenly sweetness of Herlinola cakes to the dense and seasoned savoriness of Battered Hydrosa wyrm, all of which carry a refreshing citrusy hint of orange sprinkled in it. Although Most of Haradoc's dish is dense in energy and large in quantity, the reason why most Haradic were able to maintain a defining figure is that each bite is meant to be shared with someone.   Their culture of bonding does not exclusively appear only their mealtime, however. It has been ingrained deep inside their daily life. Most haradic houses are connected to another few houses. Surprisingly, the haradic's fear of isolation does not come from their hospital nature, but as a means of survival. Before the alliance between Honju and Haradoc, the Henjuanese soul manipulator would constantly infiltrate their community acting like one of them by wearing the skin of their friend in the day and slowly seep their sanity away in the cover of night, weakening key locations and claiming the lives of important individuals in the city that they wreak havoc in. adapting to the lethal issues, Haradic people which lives in closer communities, became much more likely to survive as the impostor would have much less opportunity to perform their deeds. Unfortunately, this aspect has also shifted their culture to be more hostile towards foreigners and strangers.   Whereas Her partner, Honju, prefers to invade her neighbor as if it is her yearly tradition, unless their land is invaded, the Haradoc prefer to keep peace with their neighbor and to focus on improving their own land. This is thanks to the peaceful nature of their view on the Mikalian religion and the friendly hospital heart of the Haradic, Which could be described as calm as the Anairus ocean unless provoked.

Industry & Trade

With the plethora of iron and coal in their region, the price of the resource is accessible to most social class in Haradoc, which allows profession likes smithing and engineering to advance exponentially when compared to other regions on Cereta. Similar to how mikalis city dominating the music industry on Cereta, or how the art of acting thrives in Honju, in haradoc, the art of engineering is deeply varied and explored.


Dissimilar to regions like Helbertz and Entercon, the population of Haradoc heavily lack blood manipulators. Which pushes them to construct more weapon forges around the areas. However, this does not come as a burden for them, as Haradoc is naturally rich in dense and sharp metals, capable of creating weapons lethal and shiny enough to blind its opponent with the light reflected out of it. If it were to be combined with the scales scrubbed of the wyrms of Anairus ocean, aswing from the Haradic blades can shatter the scarlet weapons crafted by even the most seasoned blood manipulators.


Haradic architecture design varies in different locations throughout the continent, on the southern archipelago, houses are mostly equipped with windcatcher inspired by the Shagafarian empire. The architecture of Haradoc is also heavily influenced by its bounded culture,

Natural Resources

Having control over a few chains of volcanic islands has gifted the Haradic with enormous deposits of raw ores like irons and coals. Greatly contributing to Haradoc being one of the most well-armed and technologically advanced regions for a long while.   The warm climates of western Haradoc were perfect for a specific type of oranges to thrive, making these sweet citrusy fruits a crucial ingredient in Haradic dishes. Mostly making an appearance as fulfilling sweet sauces, zesty candy treats, and chewy boiled cakes.   The Anairus ocean is not just a mere endless body of water that separates settlement in this large country. It is also known and respected by most Haradic as one of the region's best mining locations. Within the frothing teal blue ocean lies one of the most sought after raw material on Cereta. Trained to stability not by the blazing heats of forges but by roaring rage of the Anairus ocean, which after a few decades, such material could surpass entercan Cereburn in terms of resiliency and sheer toughness. However, lord of the sky Anairus has forged these materials onto his children, the wyrms as impenetrable scale armor, which makes harvesting these scales a near-impossible act as these wyrms are not the type of customers who would comply with friendly trading. Usually, they would only yield to the sharp edge of pickaxe smiting on their head by a special Haradic unit, and only a squad of such units could only harvest their wyrm. Named "Anairus Huindiquor" (Anairus Excavator). Their armor forged from the scale of the wyrm they slew and their iconic two-handed pickaxe as their instrument of destruction. These relentless units are assigned and picked by the Gingretta of Haradoc himself.   Since they usually go in a squad of three Huindiquor, the armor of these units is woven so that their aqua flora aura could be synchronized in rhythm with other squad members in their team. Although these combat unit usually goes in a group. One Hundiquor is still a force to be reckoned with. With evidence from the Eventide campaign against Honju, using the might and strength of the Anairus ocean itself, these wyrm knights could take down a whole platoon of henjuanese soul manipulator. It might make you wonder how these aqua generators could go against the element that directly increases in power from their mist generating ability. The Huindiquor have managed to turn their dire weakness into one of their drifting advantages, with the assistance from a special type of shagafarian perfume. Instead of making the soul manipulator's ability more powerful in their fog, the scent enhancer nullifies soul manipulating abilities completely once they got in contact with their fog.
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