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Cercrex Adavossa, The Sundered Lands

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(Pronounced SEER-CRECKS ADD-A-VOSE-A)   A world that was torn apart politically, religiously, racially, geographically, and perhaps even supernaturally? Cercrex comes from a bloody past, whether it's the races fighting over territory, the houses over cities and fiefs, or the inquisition ruling over the religious with an iron fist. A new unknown disease threatens the population, if not taken care of. Each city, town or territory is politically fragile, where one event can cause a spiral to collapse.   The disease is spreading fast, and with no known cure, the world may face yet another crisis, that this time, the world may not recover from. Everything hangs in a delicate balance where one action can affect an entire nation, race, or people where fame and infamy can change on a dime.   There is no clear path of right or wrong, good or evil, only shades of grey. Some darker, some lighter. But shades of grey nonetheless. The only justice is the justice you make for yourself. While there is law and order, it is always changing. Money greases the palms of nobility, and guards, and makes the world go round. Syndicates run the cities, corrupted nobles fill the court. No one is innocent, only varying degrees of Guilt.   Choices will be hard, morals will be challenged, ethics will be questioned, laws will be broken. In the end, all that matters is who's alive, and has fallen along the way. For this world will forever be soaked in the blood of the past.   Perhaps you can finally get this bloodshed to end? Or perhaps you will carry on this cycle of violence, death, plague, and blood? Will you stop it, or will your attempts to avoid it only seal this world's bitter end?   The choice is yours, the road ahead, and the path unclear, now where do you go? Right? or Left?

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