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Cephalon is a continent on a planet based loosely on human anatomy, where Cephalon represents the brain. It is a high fantasy world where magic abounds but is difficult to learn and requires special training.
Over time, the two countries that dominate Cephalon, Dextralia and Sinstrus, drifted apart in geography and in ideology. Today, Dextralia is an artful and free social democracy and Sinstrus is a fascist shitshow but let's not keep this wording.
Cephalon used to be one country until it was separated by a political conflict and the river running through most of the continent was used as a border to separate Dextralia from Sinstrus, splitting Rostrin, the capital city, in half. Since then, the two countries have been evolving away from the original Cephalon and each other.
Living on Dextralia's side of Rostrin are Felix Ambershade, Toryn Boiuldervale, and some female, the main characters of this story.

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