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Doron Doron

The doron doron are domesticated large birds that aren‘t able to fly but instead are used as mounts and to produce eggs. The dwarves were the first to breed and domesticate them, since these birds used to be wild cavedwellers. They are usually kept in herds to keep each other warm and protected from predators. These birds love to eat mushrooms and bugs the most, but frankly they‘re not picky eaters. With their large and hard beak they can even take stones apart, which makes them efficient miners as well. Doron Dorons are known to grow up to 6-7 feet and despite their rather short raptor-like feet, they are fast runners and can compete with horses.

Basic Information


The Doron doron are fitted with from brownish-grey to vibrant yellow plumage, yellow feet, a tuft of tail feathers, a red, fluffy „hairdo“ from the headfeathers, and a red, orange, and yellow beak.

Ecology and Habitats

Originally the doron dorons were known for dwelling in caves, especially in winter, but after the dwarves grew used to even living on the surface instead of just the underground, the doron doron also adapted to the change of their lifestyle, growing even bigger than before.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The doron doron are omnivores, meaning they feed on fruits, nuts, seeds, bulbs, mushrooms and roots. As for protein-rich food, they eat worms, insects and even small fishes, crabs and shellfish when they‘re close to water.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Doron doron don‘t see and hear well but with their big talons they can sense even the slightest ground vibrations and know where and when there’s danger ahead, such as various nature catastrophies like earthquakes for example. The head feathers are especially useful for sensing where the wind blows. It’s especially useful in case of a storm or a hurricane warning.

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