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The Letter From Beyond the Edge of the World


The main continent of Centoria is referred to in two sections: the New World, and the Old World. The Old World refers to the land populated mainly by beast, elementals, and other magical creatures. During the establishment of humanoid civilization this section of the continent was warded off to prevent the beasts from invading. The boarder between these sections of land is typically referred to as "The Edge of the World" as many find it impossible for humanoid life to exist in the lands of beasts and other dangers.  

The Letter

The Letter From Beyond the Edge of the World refers to a letter from a member of the Order of Oculus to the organization themselves. This person ventured past the edge into the Old World and went missing for more than five years. The letter was brief in contents detailing only that the author was fine. The letter divulged that the author had found multiple settlements of people in their time in the Old World, people that aided them in time of trouble and danger. Along with the letter the author sent a map loosely detailing the different areas in the Old World. The letter finished with the author claiming they had found a new life beyond the Edge of the World and that they would remain there for the rest of their life. It also included a promise that more letters would be sent in the future with more information. The author was never heard from again after this.  


This letter was the first instance of proof that settlements existed beyond the Edge. While further exploration of the area was deemed too dangerous to attempt the map gave a basis for planned ventures into the Old World and the possibility for sea fairing explorations became a realistic possibility.

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