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Sage Serukis
Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull
9 Nov, 2020 17:49

Blackened ice is such a great image.   I love the idea that the sounds one hears in the labyrinth are most likely the snoring of souls. Very interesting twist.   Also, several floors for a wardrobe? That is a terrifying number of outfits.

Emy x   Welcome to Etrea!
Journeyman Sloqush
Sloqush the Sloqush
9 Nov, 2020 21:10

Great to hear that you liked the article :D   And yes Nie's wardrobe is truly impressive, though given that she used to be a member of Labros' ruling council this amount of clothing is actually not all that suprising.   What is suprising however is that Nie frequently wears clothing made by Non-Ikona, as she really likes to dress up as the various "Disguise Deities" her followers created in order to better spread her teachings among the various species of Cenorad.

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