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8 Oct, 2020 20:58

One of my favorites for sure. Imaging what exactly constitutes an 'eldritch' level of wealth is a really fun thought experiment.

Journeyman Sloqush
Sloqush the Sloqush
10 Oct, 2020 09:23

Happy to hear you enjoyed the article :D   As for how much cash an "eldritch" amount is, I honestly don't have the faintest clue either ^_^   Though in my notes I described the Kangcai'en as "An organisation so obsessed with profit and the aquisiton of capital, that it make the wallstreet look like a bunch of communists"

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12 Oct, 2020 16:49

Imagine if little Cthulhu grew up to be a banker / day-trader instead of an eldritch god.   He could multi-task the accumulation of wealth so hard with all those face tentacles.

Journeyman Sloqush
Sloqush the Sloqush
12 Oct, 2020 17:31

Cthulhu as an economics expert sounds like a really awesome concept, I mean could you imagine having him teach economics at a college or university ^_^   "In today's lecture, eldritch economics expert Dr. C. Thulhu teaches us about the non-euclidean stock index.   Most of you probably already know him from his critical acclaim economics books, such as "The Call of Currency", "The Dunwich Plunge" or "Asset bubble over Insmouth", which revolutionised modern capitalism from the ground up."

Explore Sloqush's bleakdark sandox: Cenorad
13 Oct, 2020 21:06

Aaaaaaahhhh, that sounds like a capital idea!   Taking it a step further, now this has me wondering what kind of college this would take place in. Where your professors are a bizarre collection of eldritch beasts and forgotten gods. Plenty of first years running around with L.C.C. (LoveCraft College) shirts and hoodies.

10 Oct, 2020 15:41

I love this entry! The cover image, your writing style, the theme music, it gives such a great atmosphere! Everything in there reeks of unfair, unimaginable wealth.   Well done !

With love,   Pouaseuille.   Feel free to check my entry for the Alliance Challenge! Or don't, if you don't feel like it.
Journeyman Sloqush
Sloqush the Sloqush
10 Oct, 2020 19:24

Happy to hear that ^_^

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