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Jul 31, 2019 19:15 by Imoen Kim

I love the dark humor of this! The part with the artillery test made me chuckle, and I love how the Goannas get pissed when they don't get new packages, or the theory that they are actually vain and want to be cleaned is one I want to be true.   How do you prevent overpopulation of these guys though? It sounds like adults are almost impossible to kill, even by their own species. Even if they only mate once every 5 years and there's a high chance for the young ones getting eaten, it sounds as if once they have reached a certain size, they are virtually immortal.   Also, those grey ones, are they as lethal/intelligent/invulnerable as the black ones? What about the other goanna species? Do they generally survive the mating process?   Speaking of intelligence, how do they perform alchemy? Do they need opposable thumbs, or is some kind of magic involved?   Again, as with your city, I love the amount of detail you packed into your article. It makes me wonder how those tribes actually got the idea to try and appease the lizards in first place. Surely they didn't think about how they could possibly be messengers later on x) Is there some kind of religion ivolved? In any case, it's an ingenious system of messages! Great job!

Aug 1, 2019 10:34 by Sloqush

Glad you liked it :D   As to your questions:   While adult Goannas are nearly indestructible, they still can succumb to various diseases and supernatural afflictions (that I have yet to write ^^). Furthermore, The Corelands are a highly dangerous area and even the scales of the Black Goannas are not always able to fully protect them from this hostile environment. On another note, their alchemical abilities also enable them to consume practically any form of organic and inorganic material, which allows the Coreland to sustain a far large population of Goannas that one could initially assume.   The Grey Goannas are for all intense and purposes a "light" version of the Black Goannas, meaning that their overall weaker, smaller and less intelligent than pure Black Goannas. Though given just how deadly a Black Goanna is you still don't want to run into one of these lesser Goannas. As to the Non-Black Goanna parent of a Grey One, their survival chances are rather bad, which is also the reason as to why the mother of a Grey Goanna is always as Black One.   Black Goannas don't possess opposable thumbs and instead, they simply ingest the materials required for their alchemical needs. This is all gone be a lot more clear once I have the time to write up an article explaining just how Alchemy works in my world. For now, the best description I can give would be "duct-tape chemistry".   The "Dorcon Nahcalim" developed from religious and cultural rituals based around the veneration of the Black Goannas. The fact that the Goannas are rather intelligent and vain creatures certainly helped in this development.   Thanks again for your feedback and I hope you enjoy reading the other articles within my world :D

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