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11 Feb, 2022 23:34

Once again a great and unique article! No wonder people are afraid shambling corpses given what Ava can do! I assume that it is very likely that she would continue causing the same havoc in other cities? Is there any possible way to end it or would it truly become the end of your world?   Also found the section from her point of view quite interesting as she herself sees nothing wrong with her actions.

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12 Feb, 2022 13:53

Happy to hear that you enjoyed the article :D   As for Ava being the End of Cenorad, while she is undoubtedly incredibly powerful and will and has "silenced" many other cities she alone would not be able to End the world, so she is more a glimpse of a possible way of how the world could end one day.

Author of Cenorad ; a bleak-dark sandbox of creativity.
17 Feb, 2022 14:20

Ah like that. So they really fear when suddenly there would be many like her and they would not be able to stop the end. Really scare to imagine there can be more

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
11 Feb, 2022 23:55

Great article as always :D This is certainly a special kind of music :p I love how deadly she is and the still innocent character that she keeps nonetheless.   Though I'm not sure I would qualify Ava of the most terrifying of all of your monsters... Is she considered so only because she can also threatens the immortals who otherwise think themselves beyond any danger?   "Ikona and Non-Ikona" I think you need a tooltip to explain what they are here   "devotedly listening to the symphony of rotting bones around her several decades after the conclusion of the battle." So she stayed for decades in the same mass grave, playing with the corpses there, and it was only after she regained a kind of consciousness that she left? (I got confused because the time seems so long for her to stay there XD Did nobody put soil on top of the corpses or try to burn them?)   "but in what they could become should things go just a little bit too wrong." Do you mean the risk of them becoming like Ava? Or of them being unleashed upon a city? - though that would make them the fear itself rather than what they represent... Even rereading that section at the end, I'm not exactly sure what you refer to here. Also, the other animated corpse do not have the same ability with the Pale Art as Ava, right?

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12 Feb, 2022 17:41

Hey, AmélieIS great to hear that you liked the article :D   In regards to her being considered the most feared monster of Cenorad, this is the result of two separate factors:   1) The first is somewhat of a trickle-down effect as given that her powers rightfully freak out various kinds of immortals, monstrosities, and even deities, the fear of these immensely powerful beings then trickles down to their servants and worshipers.   2) Given that Ava is essentially Death incarnate she also unifies the general "fear of death" in her person...even if she has to share this fear with Nie...Cenorad's other death deity.   Due to this Ava is generally notably more feared by most individuals than would be "appropriate" for the amount of horrifying death she causes :D   As for her stay in the mass grave...she was in fact buried within it for several years until realizing that she could in fact just get up.   And yes the flesh puppets created by the Pale Arts are so feared as they with a certain probability and under certain conditions could become like Ava if they succeed in devouring their creator.   Because of this, even the act of creating a regular "zombie" is widely regarded as something akin to playing Russian Roulette with nuclear warheads as if a Pale Minstrel messes up the not only will be eaten alive but also unleash another unkillable, murderous fleshy "Terminator" upon the world.

Author of Cenorad ; a bleak-dark sandbox of creativity.
12 Feb, 2022 16:56

I love this article so much!   You have a way of bringing these morbid ideas and expending on them in such an engrossing way. First of all, the quotes are quite literally poetry and a beautiful one at that. They convey the ambiance of Ava and Cenorad in general.   Ava is a complex character, be it her making-me-squeamish physicality or her 'good-willed' nature. She actually reminds me of a quote from one of my favorite stories: "The kind of evil that doesn't realize that it's evil is the worst kind of evil there is."   There are so many points I can gush on since you've really gotten deep into her lore. Though if there's something I especially liked it's how she equates killing someone to pushing them onto the stage.   Beautiful stuff

Let us unite against the enemies of Album!
14 Feb, 2022 11:44

Thank you so much for your kind words :)   It is amazing to hear that you enjoyed the article to such a degree :D

Author of Cenorad ; a bleak-dark sandbox of creativity.
15 Feb, 2022 18:05

Another terrifying article from Cenorad! :D The image of those people walking into the silent city after Ava was done gives me chills.

17 Feb, 2022 17:20

A very unique and lovely article to read!, the artwork is nice as well!, keep up the great work

19 Feb, 2022 10:59

Brrr, her powers are truly scary. XD I love her unusual point of view, good-hearted and oblivious of the wrongness make for a lovely combination. (I've been LARPing a character with a similar mindset for several years, so this resonates with me on a special level.) The idea of her shaping her own body into the necessary instruments sounds really cool, too. Great work overall!

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