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Osoba Koja

Osoba Koja, the God of Sacrifice is a lesser known god. Most often referred to as the Missing One, he or she has incredibly little impact upon the Divine Pantheon, no Signs are given to their Priests, nor do Prayer get notably answered. Indeed the only true indication that Osoba Koja is indeed a God, is the Divine Manifestation that rarely empowers an individual. These Manifestations are rare, occuring only to lone warriors holding a breech against their foes, a Mother protecting her children from danger with no thought or care to their own safety, or others who throw their lives away so that others may survive.   Perhaps Osoba Koja would be well known if their Manifestations would save those upon which they are bestowed, however with nearly no exception, those that Osoba Koja Manifests die, though through their sacrifice, the lives of others are saved.   Some Theoretical Theurgists theorise that Osoba Koja has sacrificed their own godhood for some unknown reason, and thus their Priests are unrecognised, and their Prayers go unanswered.

Divine Domains

Arcana, Death, Grave, Life, Sacrifice, Pain, Glory

Holy Books & Codes

Osoba Koja has no great tomes of Lore, nor any scriptures with which to live.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

An Empty Throne, an Eye with no Pupil. A Wheel missing some spokes.

Divine Classification
Lesser God

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