Vagabond Guild

In order to prevent the wilds from becoming wilder and ensure that villages in the wild survive so they can continue to pay taxes, The Amisher Lords established the Vagabond Guild. -The Vagabond Guild's purpose is to incentivize mostly young city graduates of high school into voluntarily joining a vagabond expedition into a region of the wilds in need of aide. These exhibitions were by their nature long journeys and if done correctly last no less than one standard year. These vagabond parties consist of 2 to 7 graduates supervised loosely by an experienced mentor, who guides them during their first month and act as advisor and messenger to the cities. Each graduate receives a vagabond assessment upon completing an expedition; a kind of resume that analyses their achievements in the wild, how they work in a team, how they do under pressure, etc. Many high paying jobs in cities would come to require a vagabond assessment just to get an interview.

Only by testing ourselves in the wilds can we be true citizens of Mars.

Founding Date
Guild, Fighter / Mercenary
Alternative Names
Vagabonds, exile guild, wild explorers, Wandering Mercenaries, Yearlings
Subsidiary Organizations

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