First Elemental War

The chaotic cluster war started in 2605 was interrupted in 2609 by a new threat posed by fire elementals. rifts into fire-based elemental planes opened up around the planet, and armies of fire elementals burned through tens of thousands of acres of the wild before Martian governors understood what was happening. Initial attempts to stop these world-threatening fire elemental armies were unsuccessful. every swing of an axe or sword hurt the wielder as much as their target. In desperation, the research center on Phobos was filled with refugees from areas burned up by fire elementals. Many of these refugees agreed to be experimented on as they developed ways to combat the fire elementals. These experiments resulted in the first races of giants. -2611- Over a third of the planet had burned and 8 of 22 major cities evacuated before the Amisher lords managed to stop the fire elemental army's advancement. What followed was sort of stalemate akin to trench warfare in world war 1. tactics using glaives, pikes, and shields in combination with orc phalanxes and the new giants storming enemy lines kept the fire elementals at bay. -2613- Two years of costly war holding back an army of beings made of fire went by before a new ally came to our rescue: water elementals. Their proposal was easy enough to agree to, they would help wipe out the fire elementals on mars in exchange for all martial soil and water below the North Ocean. within weeks, water elementals wiped out the struggling fire elemental army like a tidal wave extinguishing a forest fire. History would come to call this conflict "The Elemental War". though many call it the fire elemental war, or fire war.

The Conflict


-2605- After years of minimal contact and commerce between urban and rural citizens, fringe villages and longtime neighboring cities started antagonizing each other. It seems that fear and hatred of the IEF was all that kept Martian communities from attacking each other. Despite Martian culture heavily emphasizing war and violence, most governors were surprised by the sudden global cluster-war. Several large-scale battles took place between cities, and three governors were overthrown during this pandemonium.


-2615- Recovery from the fire elemental war started in earnest. Much of the burnt surface was reforested with the help of the water elementals, and a significant portion of the burnt cities and lands were given to the giants as thanks for their sacrifice. Most transformed by Phobos' scientists had their mental faculties cut in half. Time would see many of these giants become manipulated by dangerous men.

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