Spooktober 2022


  • Portrait
  • Vanish
  • Abandoned
  • Enchant
  • Misfortune
  • Chasm
  • Thorn
  • Howl
  • Mirror
  • Broken
  • Escape
  • Slime
  • Haunt
  • Ruin
  • Mist
  • Whisper
  • Shadow
  • Spirit
  • Relic
  • Unquiet
  • Shatter
  • Lock
  • Door
  • Curse
  • Posses
  • Abyss
  • Echo
  • Darkness
  • Hunt
  • Tear
Bonus prompt


1. Portrait

The Mural Of Madness (Spell)

"The Mural of Madness" is a witch's curse which will forever bind a victim's spirit and body to a painting.

The spell is recited while the witch, the victim and the painting are all inside a drawn fay circle. Once the recitation and required dance is completed, the victim is sucked into the painting, becoming a character on the image itself. As long as they are imprisoned within the painting they cannot interact with the outside world in any way. Other individuals who are painted are just statues to the imprisoned victim. However, other victims who have been imprisoned in the same painting can be interacted with.

Anyone observing the painting get a feeling that something is wrong with it, but can't figure out what. If it's studied meticulously one can notice that sometimes one or more people in the painting change places from time to time.

3. Abandoned

Her body was propped up against a tree. Her sword, pouch and valuables were all missing. A bandage was tied around her chest, but whatever comrades she had must have finally given up on her, taken what they could and left her here.

The bleeding couldn't be stopped. The bandages were covered with dried-up blood. Her fate was sealed.

I wonder what made them abandon her body like this...

5. Misfortune

"Well, I guess things could be worse. I could have been one of the ones about the be crawling through the ruins of civilisation, avoiding rampant fires, looters and crazy people. I could have been one of the ones looking for medical care in an urban hellscape where every road is blocked and most buildings are on fire."

But no, I instead I'm going to be one of the lucky ones. The ones who got instantly incinerated by the heat pulse. Which should be here in..."

— Nuclear war

7. Thorn

"It's a strange feeling, innit? At first, there's the usual. A huge adrenaline spike, heart pounding, a billion thoughts racing through your head all at once. But then, as realisation settles and you sort of land in this weird headspace of just complete peace. Your body is still on absolute high alert, but your mind just goes completely quiet."

"It doesn't even hurt, but I know I'm done for. I knew the second I hit that thorn. Poison is a strange thing."

9. Mirror

11. Escape


13. Haunt


15. Mist

What, the mist? It's always been there. Just...looming, ominously. They say it's full of creatures that will tear your soul from your body and leave you an empty, drooling husk. Honestly, I think it's just talk. There's a lot of really angry things in there, and the air is rough to breathe. But I've seen nothing that fits the "soul-ripping" description.

Tear your face off? Sure. Rip you to shreds? Aaaabsolutely! Consume your soul? Eeh.

17. Shadow

The Shadow, more commonly called "Shade", is a pitch-black, viscious liquid that is found in and around the areas known as "shadowscars" all around Celenia. These dark areas, covered in a thick, purple mist, seem to produce this liquid slowly over time. It appears that if it's left for long enough, it will gain some form of sentience, coalesce and start moving about, consuming anything organic in its way.

19. Relic


21. Shatter


23. Door


25. Possess


27. Echo


29. Hunt


2. Vanish

"I don't generally mind being alone. In fact, I prefer the quiet lonesomeness over most company. But today, things are different. No matter where I go or where I look, there is nothing but empty streets, abandoned shops and endless car wrecks. It is as if everyone just left in the middle of what they were doing.

When an entire city worth of people vanishes around me like this, I will admit, it gets rather unsettling."

4. Enchant


6. Chasm

8. Howl


10. Broken

12. Slime


14. Ruin

16. Whisper


18. Spirit

20. Unquiet


22. Lock

24. Curse


26. Abyss

The Abyss; without beginning nor end. It is an endless void of water, surrounding our world and encompassing all we know. The dome protects our world from the colossal mass of the Abyss, and we use the Abyss Gate to pass the dome into the unknown.

It's been two decades since we discovered the means to pass the dome into the void, yet exploration of the vastness of the Abyss is barely in its infacy. We colonized every piece of land we could find, but with the Cataclysm destroying our own world, most of these colonies fell to the darkness. Cut off from supplies and news, they silently drifted off into the darkness, doomed to an icy tomb in the abyssian waters...

28. Darkness


30. Tear

31. Drown


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