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The Enthulessi are the progenitors of everything we know. Their influence on The Simulated Universe is without rival. Willing servants, students and followers of the divine Enthessu, their name translates to "Those who (would) learn (from) the Divine Teacher".

You swear yourself to forbidden technology, actively reject the teachings of the Enthessu and now you seek to defy its command to save this world. Why? What drives your pure selfishness? Why this willingness to set yourself above those who created you?

Eimarhem, Enthulessi High Priestess, speaking to Sephraiosh.

The First Ones

The Enthulessi arose on Danu, the first Shard, under the watchful eye of the infinite Enthessu. It isn't known if the Isvana, who make up the majority of the Enthulessi, were created by the Enthessu, or if it only influenced their development.


Owing everything to their divine teacher, the Enthulessi's culture is wholly influenced by the Enthessu, to the point where their name for themselves is derived entirely from it.

The Enthessu has carefully influenced and guided the Enthulessi throughout the ages. Their society is strictly stratified in classes and castes, with the priesthood being the ruling class. High Priestess Eimarhem is the political and religious leader of the people, but she answers directly to the Enthessu.

While the Enthessu isn't a political leader or have any direct power over the Enthulessi, it's words are heeded carefully and in practice, the Enthessu is the de facto ruler of the people, although it chooses to act through the priesthood. No one but the higher ranked priests are allowed to speak to the Enthessu, and it will refuse to commune with anyone but the priesthood.


The Enthulessi culture is made up of three species:


The native species of Danu and the chosen of Enthessu. The Isvana are a species of winged humanoids with slender bodies, great strength and tenacity.


Anu, war machines created by the Isvana, using technology granted to them from the Enthessu. The Anu are nanomachine dust, created from an Isvana, who would give their life to become an Anu. Digitized, both physically and mentally, they are incapable of much more than basic locomotion in their unblended form. Their purpose is to become the Ishun Anahu.

Ishun Anahu

Lit. "Wielders of Anu", the Ishun Anahu are the ultimate warriors, created from the physical melding of an isvana and an anu. They inhabit the same nanocyborg body, both gaining strength from one another. They were created as an ultimate warrior against the invading Ohmoro, "The Others".

True Purpose

The Enthulessi were created, or fostered, by the Enthessu. The Enthessu, the Administrator put in charge of protecting Source from ever being invaded or tampered with. Danu was created solely to act as a firewall between Source and other shards, and the Enthessu was entrusted to manage and protect it.

To this end, it shaped the Isvana into the Enthulessi. Its fearless and loyal warriors, ready to strike down anyone or anything that dared set foot upon Danu.

The Ohmoro War

With so many shards in close proximity and connection, the Veil between the shards were weakened and information started leaking between them. The Ohmoro were the first to arrive. Initially harmless, the Enthessu immediately saw them as a threat and ordered the Enthulessi to construct weapons of war and destroy the Ohmoro.

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Danu, the first shard
Primary species
Supplementary species
Ishun Anahu
Techings of the Enthessu
Civilisation Timeline
The Enthulessi and the Gods of Dunia
Naming Traditions
Family names
Feminine names
Masculine Names

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Danu is the "first" shard, which is deceiving. It wasn't created first, or even second, but it is the "first" in line to Source. it was created to be a firewall between Source and the other shards, to protect Source from tampering.

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The Enthessu is the divine teacher and guide for the Enthulessi, who revere it as their god. But the giant marble octahedron is more than that. It is an advanced super-computer, embedded in Danu. It's purpose is far more than just guide the Enthulessi...

The Simulated Universe
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"SimU" for short, the simulated universe is a web of processing shards ran inside a network of Matrioshka Brains, created by the Architects.

It provided the Enthulessi with nanotechnology and the ability to clone not only flesh, but minds. With the Enthessu's help, the Anu were created as the ultimate weapon against the Ohmoro, whom the Enthessu saw as a threat to Source, since they could pass the veil as they pleased.

The Schism

When the Ohmoro wars were over and the Ohmoro defeated, the Enthessu ordered all Anaman Hasana, apocalypse machines created to finally destroy the Ohmoro once and for all, and all Ishun Anahu destroyed.

It argued that the power of these weapons was too great to be left in the hands of the Enthulessi. Now that the weapons had served their purpose, they had to be destroyed.

Doubt and heresy

For many hundreds of years, there had been those who doubted the guidance of the Enthessu. There were those who thought it had ulterior motives, that the safety and prosperity of the Enthulessi was not its primary purpose.

With the order to dismantle the Ishun Anahu, this schism became a rift, as many Ishun Anahu would not comply and refused to destroy themselves.

The Anu Wars

It all came to an apex when Onolukien, an Ishun Anahu blended to the Anu Sephraiosh, attempted to defy her Anu and dismantle them. Sephraiosh refused and hijacked the dismantling process of the Honon Chamber, consuming Onolukien's mind, spirit and body instead.

Sephraiosh emerged from the chamber as the first "free" Anu. With a body of their own, Sephraiosh now took up arms against the Enthessu, calling it "Srunuum", the Great Deciever. Many Ishun Anahu joined Sephraiosh's side and a bloody, apocalyptic war broke out on Danu between Sephraiosh's followers and the Enthessu's loyals.

Danu's Destruction

The destructive power of the anu was devastating to Danu and the shard started falling apart. In desperation, the Enthessu launched hordes of automated robotic warriors against the Ishun Anahu. Sephraiosh, on their hand, managed to blend with a disabled, but completed, Anaman Hasana. They became an ultimate, destructive force, too much for any army to handle, organic or otherwise.

The Enthessu was destroyed, it's knowledge and power consumed by the unstoppable Sephraiosh. But Danu was already dying. Entire continents fell into the void. The skies blackened and cracked. The few survivors of the war fled Danu, following their brethren through the Veil, to find other places where they could survive.

Sephraiosh, however, with their newfound knowledge, set their eyes on Source...


The fleeing Ishun Anahu fruitlessly searched for methods to pass the veil into other shards. Many ended up lost forever, others settled on shards they found pleasant. In the end, the Ishun Anahu are spread across the Simulated Universe together with surviving Isvana.

Some, like the Zarnooka, returned to Danu and tried to make the world whole again, to no avail.

The Gods of Dunia

The ones who have had the most influence are undoubtedly the Fenera, the Sivan and Irsi. Three groups of Ishun Anahu, who all, in one way or another, found their way to Dunia, the "primary" shard.

The battered veterans of the Anu wars knew exactly how destructive their powers were, and in spite of them all belonging to different factions in their eternal war, they agreed that they could not outright fight one another, or they would risk shattering yet more shards.

So the Ishun Anahu took up roles as the gods of Dunia. Through their followers, they would wage wars against the others.


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