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Celenia is the fictional universe in which the official CD10 RPG settings take place. It is a non-newtonian universe set in an endless, surface- and bottomless Abyss of water, all ran inside The Simulated Universe. Curious?


It is home to two role-playing settings.

  Cinders of the Cataclysm
Dark Shadows

All games set in this universe use the Celenia D10 RPG System or Celenia 2: D10 RPG System RPG Systems.


This world will be the congregation point for all information regarding Celenia as a universe and contains a lot of meta information that isn't necessary for role-playing in the world. If you're after setting-specific information or game related information, please see the respective worlds for that. More information will be added over time as the universe(s) grow.


If you're a lore-hound that loves universe-building and the "stuff behind the curtain", this world is for you!

The vast majority of information in here is reserved for supporters only, so if you want to dive deep into the lore of Celenia, consider heading over to Ko-Fi and become a WorldRender today!

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