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I'm absolutely stoked that you have shown interest in the Celenia D10 roleplaying system! CD10 is a commercial product in the making and the pre-release test system is only available to current supporters.

Getting access is as easy as heading over to to Ko-Fi and signing up at the Keeper of the Tales tier. That will give you access to the entire ruleset right here on World Anvil!

In addition, there's hundreds and hundreds of stat blocks for you to use with the system, created by our awesome community as well as numerous templates to make your own!

The full system comes with the rules necessary to play a game, guides for setting up characters, plots, monsters and even for porting your own settings and adventures into CD10 to use with the system!

If you are not a Ko-Fi user, you can also sign up on Patreon and receive the same benefits!

Note to existing supporters

If you are a supporter and think you should have access to this page, first make sure you are logged in and have used your access code to enable the site features. The access code is in the email you received when you pledged.

If it still doesn't work, please find me on the CD10 Discord and send me a message, or send me an email at tobias[at]

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