Combat - Weapon Range Modifiers

This optional rule affects ranged weapons of all types. If this rule isn't used, you only care about the max range of a ranged weapon. However, if you use this rule, then you care about all the range indicators and apply the following modifiers when shooting and calculating Lethality.

Most weapons can't be used at grappling range, but in case someone is forced to make an attack with a weapon that can't be used there, apply the modifier.

Distance Roll mod. Lethality mod.
Grappling* -9 +3
Close +3 +3
Normal No mod No mod
Long -3 -1 (min 1)
Very long -6 -3 (min 1)
* All ranged weapons, aside from very agile things like handguns, suffer this penatly at grappling range.

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