Progress Report

This article contains the progress plan for the release of CD10.

Core mechanics

  • Base resolution
  • Core RNG
  • Character stats
  • Wounds and injuries
  • Skill resolution
  • Character creation
  • Creature stats
  • Creature creation
  • Equipment stats
  • Magic system
  • New wealth and trade system
  • Higher poundage bows require some strength

Writing, Guides and articles

  • Character creation
  • Creating NPCs
  • Creating adversaries
  • Creating equipment
  • Creating spells/abilities
  • Adapting characters from other systems
  • Adapting core species/races from other systems
  • Adapting magic and spells from other systems
  • Adapting monsters from other systems
  • Hero point limit should be waived for long sessions
  • Offline character sheet design
  • Explain how to use the character sheet
  • Set up support for managing narrative in scenes
  • Explain zones in conflicts


  • Retire Shock
  • New wounds system
  • New parry mechanics
  • One damage type instead of four
  • Rebalance core equipment
  • Create armor sets
  • Create a couple of shields

Cover image: CD10 Banner by Mizomei


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