Celenia D10 RPG System

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The Celenia D10 Role-playing System [CD10] is a narratively focused, lightweight system designed to support heavy narratives and keeping the player engrossed in the moment.   CD10 keeps mechanics out of the way and is quick to work with. It is designed to work best with narrative and semi-realistic, high lethality stories where the players get to play the everyday hero in a rule-of-cool world.   CD10 consists of a core system (which you can use for free!) with several optional modules to support specific settings or functions. You can find them below.   CD10 Core is in beta and is considered feature complete. It is in testing in several different groups and is fully playable. No guides beyond the core rules are written just yet, so if you need help, please join the official Discord! The guides are being worked on, however.   CD10 Advanced is currently in development and is considered in alpha state. If you want to participate in the alpha test you can dive deep and try your feet with the full system by signing up to our Patreon at Gamemaster level or above!  

CD10 offically used in the following settings

Dark Shadows (official Celenia world)
Cinders of the Cataclysm (official Celenia world)
Towers of Grynn
Corive (LyraineAlei)
and Pekkola (Dhelian)
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