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80's action meets Blade Runner. CD10 is a narratively leaning system where your character's history and personality matters! Puts a high focus on immersion over hard-coded realism.


CD10 is rapidly approaching 1.0 release! While we're doing the final touchups, things around here are going to be a bit chaotic. So bear with us for a few weeks while we get things in order!

The Celenia D10 Role-playing System [CD10] is a narratively focused, system designed to support heavy narratives and keeping the player engrossed in the moment.

CD10 keeps mechanics out of the way and is quick to work with. It is designed to work best with narrative and semi-realistic, high lethality stories where the players get to play the everyday hero in a rule-of-cool world.

CD10 consists of a core system (which you can use for free!) and is designed to be settings-agnostic, so you can use it with whatever setting you wish.

CD10 Core is in beta and is being finalized after playtests. No guides beyond the core rules are written just yet, so if you need help, please join the official Discord! The guides are being worked on and will be available in the coming weeks.

CD10 is currently in development and is considered in beta state. We're working hard to get it ready for 1.0 and if you want to support our endevours and help us, you can sign up to our Ko-Fi at a level that suits you! (You can also sign up via Patreon, using the button below)


  • Narrative focus
  • No base attributes or levels
  • Skill-based, horizontal progression
  • No hitpoints, but debilitating injuries
  • High lethality
  • Hero point system protects protagonists

Eager to get started?

Here's where to begin your CD10 journey! CD10 Core Basics
Current News
19th May 2022

Health and life

Life is hectic as all hell, but right now some of the most stressful shit I've had to go through, and which has been a year-long anxiety-spike, is behind me.

Medication is starting to stabilize and my mental health is better than in a long, long time.

Unfortunately, I've been temporarily reassigned at work to deal with the investigation of the riots here in Sweden. Which means I'm working out of town and have an insane workload right now. This will be the case likely until after summer, as this investigation is expected to take a long time.

This, in effect, means virtually zero energy for anything else, so my production pace on anything that isn't work has been ground to a sudden standstill. My body has also taken a real toll from the 2.5 hour commute every day.


CD10 1e

Aside from a couple of guides to write and instructional videos to create, CD10 is done. The system and all it's rules are available on Worldanvil, but as I said, the guides aren't done yet, so some things might need more explanation. I'll be working on that whenever I have time/energy.


CD10 2e

Second edition has entered the design draft stage. So far, I have basic RNG resolution laid out, but it's not even close to a testable system yet. First edition takes priority so I can get it done before I devote significant time to second edition.

Second edition will be a purely narrative system that completely forgoes any simulationist mechanics in favor of keeping a top-down, narrative perspective on things. It'll provide narrative guidance through dice and mechanics, but any details will be left to be narrated either by the Keeper or by the players themselves.

Since I can't shut up about 2e, expect to hear lots about it in my various channels in the future.



With the sudden life changes, Foundry has also been ground to an ugly and sudden stop. I've had no progress in the last few weeks on the Foundry system module for CD10 and this will likely remain so for a few months at least.

I have made great strides and progress compared to the version that is currently live, but that's stuff I had already done before being reassigned at work. After that, nothing has progressed at all.



Not much has been done on the settings. I've posted the Singleton article for Cinders of the Cataclysm, covering hyper-advanced service droids and how they interact with virtual intelligence, as well as my River Challenge article, the River Kek in Dark Shadows. Both articles are available on Worldanvil, and if you follow me there, they should be in your notifications.

Celenia now has a unified place to access all the things with the url: It leads to the primary setting of Cinders of the Cataclysm, but the navbar can take you anywhere within the Celenia universe!

Support and Social Media

You can support Celenia on Ko-Fi and get access to all the behind-the-scenes content available, get unique discord ranks and much more! Remember that CD10 Core is free to use, but that pledging on patreon gives you access to the advanced modules as well!

You can follow CD10 and Celenia on Twitter, join the official Beyond Reality Discord server as well as me on where I share the worldbuilding and RPG-designing openly with you. (Stream currently on extended hiatus)

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