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The Ancient Woodland Temple

Alright adventurers, from here on out, you are on your own. I expect treasures and a lot of profit, so get going. Good coin is waiting for you back at the camp!
— a contractor

Purpose / Function

The initial purpose is still unknown, but people found out that, for some reason, animals are drawn to the ruins. On top of that, various flora and crops grow astoundingly fast near the edges of the temple. Naturally, huge fields were constructed around the palace, producing huge amounts of food and ingerdients all year long. The entrance however remains unblocked so adventurers can enter and explore at will.


Although a lot of jewellery, coins and inscriptions were already found in the ruin, noone has yet to explore the deepest floors. Most adventuring parties have lost interest in the temple, partially because of the dangers that await them, and partially because other questrewards were just more luctrative.


The Entrance of the Ancient Woodland Temple was made of chiseled stone bricks and the obelisk-like pillars surrounding it had a dark purple base and a metal tip. Although the whole construct is now mossy and full of cracks, the past glory of the temple can not be overlooked. The temple itself was made of now brittle stone, patched with unknown golden runes, full of rust.


Although the knowledge on this ruined temple is extremely limited, it is known that a strange form of Magicules surrounds the structure. Noone could yet pinpoint the element of these magic particles, nor understands the buildings use. A lot of adventurers were tasked to explore these ruins and although some of them have returned with a bit of gold treasures, not a single one of them could claim to have conquered the depths of this mysterious construction.
unknown date
Founding Date
Parent Location
Wait! What is thi... Oi, Shadow, help me out over here! I think I found somethin'!
— an adventurer

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