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Kelvark "The Seeker" Raventooth

Kelvark Raventooth (a.k.a. The Seeker)

The time has come! But what does that mean, exactly? What is time? Where is time? Yes, our gods have given us the gift of life. They have given us the gift of death, heaven, hell, terra, ignis, aqua and fulgur as well... but where to find time? I say: Time may exist as the deity among gods and goddesses. 'Tis the creator of all.
— A paragraph of one of Raventooths Books

Personal Attribute: Restless Mind

The Seekers Personal Attribute is of the most common Manifestations, the Physical Manifestation. Restless Mind grants Kelvark Raventooth to focus on exactly one thing uninterrupted. When activating this ability, he trascends into a flow state, forgetting concepts like time, hunger or exhaustion and can focus on one task at hand with 100% efficiency. For the writer, this comes as a big blessing, as Raventooths personality often hinders him from focusing on only one thing.
Kelvark Raventooth by ecl1psed with Heroforge
While no real drawbacks are felt during the active time of Restless Mind, once the efects wear off, all the feelings of thirst, hunger and exhaustion return stronger. The ability needs constant mana supplies to work, so the user also suffers from a lack of that on top of his bodily needs.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Kelvark Raventooth is not the most athletic person and has a bit of, what he calls, a "old mans belly". He is of average human height and his friendly smile alongside his grey-going hair makes for a sympathetic look.

Facial Features

The Seeker, despite having such an ominous name, has a bushy, friendly face. His long grey-going hair, beard and eyebrows all somehow add to his friendly demeanor. His skin shows signs of aging, but is in no way wrinkly. While the Seeker is more widely known by name than by face, the ones close to Raventooth know he will not travel without a good cigar.

Apparel & Accessories

Living his life on the road, Raventooth always has his huge white backpack with him, in which he carries paper, books, feathers and other useful things for his endeavors.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Early Times

Growing up, Kelvark Raventooth had an average, normal life. His parents, Maria and Varkin Raventooth both raised him and his sister with love and care. He enrolled in an institute, learning about history and specialised in ancient scriptures. Due to his non-religious believes, which is very unusual in the realm of Cathrea, he did not find many friends early on. Kelvark was slightly above average in his studies and unlocked his personal attribute at the usual age of 24 years old.

Holes in History

During his stay in his school, The First Scripture, he was never really interested in his studies. Kelvark however, gradually realized that his lectures on religious tomes, tales of the ancient times and "facts" of old battles were not consistent. Student and teacher alike were, and still are, oblivious to the world, blinded by transcendental explanations of reality. After writing down, observing and pondering over the inconsistencies, the student decided to go his own path. He wrote a list of all the facts that felt "off" to him, the Inconsistencies in History, and handed it to the only professor that was on good terms with him: Professor Ohw'yk Lightenpond.

Start of a Journey

Promptly after writing the document, the now 26 year old Kelvark Raventooth dropped out of his historical studies and decided to investigate, not only the holes in history he found, but also the ones he has yet to discover. With the money he had saved from his student days, he set out to travel the vast realms of Cathrea, in search for the biggest and most interesting stories he could find, documenting, and releasing them all whenever he could.
And as for the reason I leave this institute, I shall only say this one thing: Alas, for what an average, boring man can only hope for, is a story more grand and exciting than he could ever imagine to be.
— Wish you the best, the Seeker


Oh, why I look like a homeless man you ask? 'Tis true that I make coin, yet who is to say I shall dress like I do? Who even wants to wear fancy clothes? They do not offer much comfort and are not durable enough for my travels. So why bother?
— The Seeker
Kelvark had never really worked traditional jobs in his life. During his time as a student, he took on several apprenticeships under renowned historians but never stuck to anyone of them for very long. All of them seemed to be blinded by religious believes and could not give him the answers he seeks. The currently travelling writer has earned a large sum of money through his released books. This does, however not prevent him from dressing very strangely and poor-looking.
Chaotic Neutral
Current Status
On his way to the Roxikyen Inventures
Current Location
Date of Birth
15th of the Second Blessing, 1584
Year of Birth
1584 AAP 43 Years old
dark brown
messy black, going gray
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
tawny brown
5'9 or 180cm
Known Languages
Historical Highcourt
Kelvark Raventooth by ecl1psed with Heroforge


The driving force pushing Raventooth towards his travels is the thirst for knowledge. The real facts about the world and its origin. His passion for the known fuels him to venture through every city, cornfield, forest and desert on Cathrea to find answers.

Social Life

The Seeker travels alone, accompanied only by his horse "Goldenhove" and his dog "Mystic". This is not to say he does not have any friends, quite the opposite actually. His travels have allowed him to meet and bond with several noble personalities, homeless cultists or adventurous teens.

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I love the play between his physical description of being "average and boring" mixing with his ability to hyper-focus on things and his desire to tell fantastic stories. His whole backstory of picking apart the plot holes of histories he was taught was a great way to explain why he's such a prolific writer!   Also, I've linked to this article in my reading challenge article!

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I'm glad you liked it Stormbril :D I loved the idea of someone "average and boring" wanting to uncover something completely opposite of themselves, and a writer seemed to be a perfect fit. ^^

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