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Torn-Edges of Spiral Bound Paper

Coded messages hidden in plain sight.

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Let me guess... the Legion isn't what you thought it'd be when you joined? Too many politics, too much brutality, and too much arrogance among the higher ranks? Well then... follow me if you're serious, I've got some people and some secrets to introduce you to.
— Internal resistance within the Legion.
Internal resistance from within the Legion comes from members unhappy with the direction the organization is going lately. Using standard issue spiral bound notebooks, these members have created a code with which they can plan meetings, post warnings, or decree plans.   The code is used all across the Legion, in every base, installation, and outpost. It's seen on documents handed from member to member, postings on communal message board, or on scrap pages left lying around. The Torn-edge code is known and shared among the internal resisters, and read by removing certain left-over tabs on pages torn out of the spiral bound notebooks they all carry. There are 23 "tabs" left over on any page torn out of the standard issue notebook, and the code relies on tearing off specific tabs in order to tell a secret message.

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Intended Outcome

This internal resistance is pushing for a few main goals -- goals that they are extremely dedicated to. For the most part, what they want to see is accountability brought to the Legion, for the organization has gone on too long without having their power checked. Secondly, the resistance wants fewer secrets kept within the Legion, as there is much that goes on behind closed and locked doors that they feel the public should know about. These goals are pushed towards by having members of the resistance leak documents, share secrets, and attempt to convince high ranking members that the Legion is rotten.

The Legion

The Legion is a neutral fighting force that is spread across the entire planet. It is made up of elite soldiers, taken in equal amounts from every country, so as to remain unbiased to any particular country. The Legion's purpose is to fight Rendlings, horrific monsters that all Cathedrans fear.   Public scrutiny has increased regarding the Legion as of late, as the organization's pride in protecting the world has begun to sour into arrogance. In some places of the world the Legion acts more as a bully than a protector.

Organization | Feb 10, 2021

The Legion is a multinational neutral fighting force built to protect all Cathedrans from the threat of the Rendlings, but the organization harbors a dark secret.


Hover above a button to see the translated code, click the button to view the torn paper code!

This Week's Cipher

This Week's Cipher

  • Top Tab
  • Tab 1
  • Tab 2
  • Tab 3
  • -- Tab 4 --
  • Tab 5
  • Tab 6
  • Tab 7
  • Tab 8
  • Tab 9
  • -- Tab 10 --
  • Tab 11
  • Tab 12
  • Tab 13
  • Tab 14
  • Tab 15
  • -- Tab 16 --
  • Tab 17
  • Tab 18
  • Tab 19
  • Tab 20
  • Tab 21
  • Bottom Tab
  • Indicates either high or regular importance.
  • Announcement, refer to tabs 5-9
  • Call to Meeting, refer to tabs 11-15
  • Call to Action, refer to tabs 17-21
  • ----Blank----
  • Legion suspicions have increased.
  • Legion suspicions have decreased.
  • We've recruited new members.
  • We are shifting the code.
  • Cover blown, go into hiding.
  • ----Blank----
  • Weekly meeting, same time and place.
  • New time, indicated within memo.
  • New place, indicated within memo.
  • Meeting to be potluck, bring tasty food.
  • Cancel previously planned meeting.
  • ----Blank----
  • Attempt to sabotage documents.
  • Leak Legion secrets.
  • Push for promotion, gain more access to secrets.
  • Try to recruit other Legionnaires.
  • Sacrifice is needed to throw the Legion off our trail.
  • Indicates more instruction hidden within document/memo.
  • Example: Important Announcement

    An Important Announcement




    Legion suspicions have increased

    We are shifting the code

    New time, indicated within memo

    More instructions hidden within this document

    Example: Upcoming Changes

    Changes to Plans and the Upcoming Meeting



    Legion suspicions have increased

    New time, indicated within memo

    New place, indicated within memo

    More instructions hidden within this document

    Example: Call to Action

    Call to an All Out Attack


    Call to Action

    Legion suspicions have decreased

    Attempt to sabotage documents

    Leak Legion secrets

    Try to recruit more to the resistance

    More instructions hidden within this document

    Example: Proceed with Caution

    Proceed with Caution and Prepare



    Legion suspicions have increased

    Weekly meeting, same time and place

    Meeting to be a potluck, bring tasty food

    Example: Imminent Danger

    We Are In Danger




    Call to Action

    Legion Suspicions have increased

    Cover blown, go into hiding

    Cancel the previously planned meeting

    A sacrifice is needed to throw the legion off our trail

    We've got to be really, really careful with this. We can't let the higher ups know about this code as it's our main way of planning meetings and attacks. It's one of our greatest tools, and it's helping us to bring some accountability to the Legion.
    — Internal Resistor

    Cover image: by Ali Yahya


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