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The Salesman

Any price, any item

You there! You look like a fine upstanding citizen with quite the head on their shoulders. Surely you'd be interested in some of my wares?
— The Salesman
  Existing somewhere between myth and reality within the stories many Cathedrans tell, the Salesman is a Snake rumoured to have the ability to sell anything to anyone. There is no concrete physical description of the Salesman -- anyone who's been unfortunate enough to become a victim of his sales has found it impossible to recall what he looks like. Any descriptions that do exist instead come from unreliable bystanders who pay little attention to an otherwise unremarkable exchange of goods.  

Inhuman Charisma

Among all stories of the Salesman, not a single one fails to mention the incredible charisma he seems to possess. In every example, an unremarkable man enters a town and seemingly meets someone at random. They shake hands, exchange some pleasantries, and next thing the Salesman is leading the person away to exchange their life's savings for some odd, yet useless, trinket.  
Have you ever heard of The Dream-maker? With just a touch, he fixes painful memories and modifies your mind. Do you think the Salesman might be doing something similar?
— Idle theory-crafting
Most people, when considering the Salesman, agree that he's not just some regular Snake. While they can be cunning and ruthless, no Snake has as perfect a sales record as the Salesman.   This has led some to hypothesize that the Salesman is no ordinary human -- in fact, many believe him to be a Transmutive Catalurgist, modifying minds to make his target absolutely willing to buy anything he offers.

Influence Beyond Sales

Stories of the Salesman have begun to circulate so widely that many people in high places within governments and corporations have started to take notice, and begun to worry. There is fear among many of these higher-ups that the Salesman might one day start to use his powers to influence leaders and shift the world in a way that he wants -- and some think he's already started.  
One day, if we ever see the Artazians stop branding people with the Mark of the Snake, we'll know that the Salesman has finally gotten to them.
— Idle theory-crafting
Country of Origin
Theorized to be Artazia
Physical descriptions of the Salesman vary wildly from account to account. The most common of them state that the Salesman is a tall individual, somewhere over 6 feet, with hair that is either jet black or ashy gray. He's said to dress in fine clothing, yet appears casual enough to not stand out in a significant way. One thing that every single story mentions is that the Salesman is always wearing a gold watch upon his left wrist.  

Powerful Catalurgy

The ability to change minds and twist perceptions with mere touch understandably draws comparisons to The Dream-maker -- a notoriously reclusive therapist of sorts, who tries to help individuals by mending minds and healing broken memories. The Dream-maker does this by getting to know his patients and understanding how their brain works before meddling about in their thoughts.   The Salesman, if the stories are to be believed, is doing something differently. He spends no time in getting to know his mark before shaking hands, and seems to be influencing them without any regard for their underlying thoughts.

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29 Jul, 2021 22:11

I like the concept and the article is interesting to read

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29 Jul, 2021 22:11

I like the concept and the article is interesting to read.

Want to check out more read my bard article
Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
5 Aug, 2021 12:28

Catalurgists changing mind! this is a horrifying prospect...Like those politicians, I think that selling fake goods to people as in "innocent enough" use of that power... Do people even remember that they've lost money because the salesman doesn't care changing their whole memory or is their power limited? I really love the idea of "salesman's magic" XD

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5 Aug, 2021 16:36

It's probably a mix of both! He likely doesn't have a perfect understanding of how memory works to permanently change anything other than how people remember him especially, and also doesn't care to put in the work -- he's got his money, left town, and is relatively safe.   Also, thank you :D Writing these "famous" Catalurgists has been really fun actually, might have to do a series of articles on them!

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