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Castrovel (from Paizo's Pathfinder Setting)

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Development of my homebrew version of Lashunta Society, Culture, & Language. Pathfinder is the copyright product of Paizo, Inc.   Castrovel (pronounced KAHS-tro-vel), the Green Planet, is the second planet from Golarion's sun and the blue planet's closest neighbor. The Lashunta are a species of antenna- bearing humanoids native to Castrovel that exhibit a curious sexual dimorphism. Male Lashunta (Korasha) are compact, muscular, and hirsute, whereas female Lashunta (Damaya) are tall, lithe, and majestic. While not technologically advanced, Lashunta are ingenious, psychically gifted, and avidly apply what they learn to build their civilization. They are the most populous intelligent creatures on Castrovel, followed by Elves and the insectile Formians. Their society is proudly matriarchal.   Inspiration for the Lashunta and Castrovel owes a great deal to the fictional writings of Edgar Rice Burroughs (ERB), who wrote the Amtor / Carson of Venus series, and also created La and the city of Opar within his Tarzan series.

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