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Temple of Falska (East)

A temple to the a god of the northern pantheon. The walls of the temple are adorned with the most densly ornate of tapestries, made from all kinds of thread. Of greatest promininece in this plae however are plain white tapestries, and robes, the likes of which are considered the finest of garments among elven kings. This place is a tribute to Falska the textile god, best known to the goblins and the people of Okan. There are a number of such dedicated temples however the eastern is arguably the most grand. Secluded by elven forests, the acolytes of this plae have remained relatively undisturbed for centuries. most housed in this temple are specialists in the finest and whitest cloth, within the weave of the fabric itself is immense detail and beauty. The Eastern temple is a home away from home for some of the goblins who travel through the forst of valan. Most residents here bear the mark of Falske (a blue stripe, one inch wide going down the entire face across the left eye)

Purpose / Function

This is a spiritual retreat focussed on the most delicate of weaving and the appeasment of the god Falska. Often people will travel to a temple of Falska with a distinct purpose in mind, be it to commission fine cloth, have theirs be judged, or to learn the art themselves. The High council of Okan, and a number of Elven kings have their finest robes made here.


Over time the monasterial complex surrounding te temple has grown to include most ammenities needed to survive here indefinately. Additionally many secure storage rooms have been built here in order to contain the valuable tapestries and cloths that have been made here or gifted here. Great importance is given to the textiles giften from other sister temples across the north of Castordia, as without the storehouses of the eastern temple many things would be entirely lost to fires and the ravages of time.


The place is built in an imperial elven style with tall white walls.


For a long time this has been a temple to falska god of secrets and cloth.
Temple / Religious complex
Parent Location

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