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Coal Dragons

Coal Dragons are exquisit little creatures, one of the smallest and hardest to identify varieties of dragon. To an untrained eye, or indeed even a well trained one the dragon can appear as a simple lump of coal with no other distinct features. however these dragons will consume coal and other rocks, including gems. A coal dragon is also able to breathe fire or be set on fire, and remain comfortable or at the very least feeling only a little hungry. Coal dragons make ofr invaluable pets, being able to sniff out delicious treasures and gems, light fires, put out fires (by eating them) and still remain incredibly compact and discreet. The dragons at their smallest are perhaps a quater of an inch in size, howeveer as they mature they will become larger and slowly shed soot. Commonly a coal dragon can fit in a pocket only being an inch or two in size. As they grow a coal dragon can become a quite substantial beat being perhaps a full yard in length. A dragon so plump as that, would coast a small fortune to feed and maintain, and thus is a sign of incredible prestige. To own a yard long coal dragon one must have first found one of the little creautures, and thenmanaged to tme it and feed it consistently with jewels and gold and other treasures of great variety and value.

Basic Information


Appear a a four legged dragon with two wings, composed entirely of coal. When asleep or hiding or otherwise being discreet or unsocial, they will appear effectively as identical to a lump of coal.
Dragon/ Coal
Conservation Status
They appear to be rare, but that is more becausse they are hard to identify, and spend a great deal of time hibernating if not regularly fed.

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