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Asra is among the most well known of all thieves in Ismena, particularly as her focus is on the crystal trade. Some say she is a mage that just never made it through school and has to resort to whatever underhanded means she can in order to get by. Others say she just wants the power that comes with being able to control who gets access to what crystals. Regardless of the reason, she has never been caught by the Crystal Traders and yet has done more damage to their business than any other bandit or thief in the world and is the primary reason the Stonesthrow guard must be trained to a very high level.

While Asra is primarily a thief who works at night, she is not afraid of violence. None survive if she cannot escape undetected, so no one knows what she looks like or where she is from. The only things known about her are that she prefers daggers and that she only attacks at night.

Rumors also suggest that Asra is, in fact, a team of thieves, but this has never been proven without doubt. The only evidence is that there have been stolen shipments that appear to have disappeared the same night. Tracking magic has yet to yield an answer, leading some to believe that if there is more than one Asra, at least one is actually a mage that disables the tracking magic before they make off with the shipment and potentially the Trader as well.

About every three months, a Trader will go missing with their shipment as well and is never seen or heard from again. The assumption is that they were tortured for information and then killed, but there is never any trace of them after that. As a result, the Crystal Traders have had to assume their information has been compromised and have slowly been developing a system of compartmentalizing information so each Trader is less valuable, but this is a long process. In the meantime, Asra continues her work.



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