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Carnes Machina

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Carnes Machina is a dark, Cyberpunk Horror setting intended for a Tactical Role Playing Game. Taking Inspiration from the works of Tsutomu Nihei, Dead Space, Eclipse Phase, and the Cyberpunk Genre as a whole, CM aims to create an interesting and varied setting, with core themes being struggle and hope against all odds. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   After the destruction of the Core World, the bulk survivors of humanity, lead by the Universal Alliance and the Megacorp Coalition, colonized the Megasphere, a massive structure the size of a small star system and encompassing several partially artificial planets, and originally created by the long-missing Precursors. There they housed over a quadrillion humans, the last known survivors of the species.   But at some point, Explorers seeking to get deeper into the structures woke an ancient, sleeping horror: The Xenosynthetics.   Parasites, operating on a hive mind, that infect both organic and inorganic matter, spreading their influence across the Megasphere. They are sapient; they are dangerous; and they hunger for all of Humanity. Those inside the Megasphere are trapped, locked off from the rest of the galaxy. The threat ever closing in.   This is where Freelancers are born. The people brave enough to go back into lost territory, to scavenge treasures lost, to find ancient precursor artifacts, to fight others that seek to make use of the lost sectors, and, of course, to fight the Xenosynthetic Plague.   Welcome, Freelancer.

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