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Book of Secrets


Never live in fear.   That is the promise Myrtle made, when she was ten years old, and she meant to keep it.   In a world where the creatures from dreams and nightmare live beyond The Thicket of Thorns, it is not strange to be afraid of something.   When Myrtle gets the chance to look for a magical book beyond The Thicket, she jumps at the opportunity.   The world unravels before her, a realm with danger looking for a moment of weakness.   Will she stay strong and keep her friends safe?  

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May 31st 2021    

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1-2 hour

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Ymke Schasfoort


Purpleheart Publishing







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              “You’re crazy!” Sarra yelled. Sarra, Eldric, Lucala and Myrtle were in the latter’s room. Sarra had kept her opinion to herself until they were alone. Myrtle gave her a small smile again.   “One life for two. That is a good trade Sarra.” said Myrtle, again surprised at how normal it sounded. Sarra shook her head.   “Not good enough, Myrtle.” Myrtle stood up from the black stone bench.   “I had no choice Sarra. You and Eldric have been through enough. Besides, my father is on this side of the Thicket and, if I stay here, I can find him.” Sarra squeezed her eyes shut.     “Is this really about your father and not about Prince Snowflake?” she asked pointing at Lucala. Before Myrtle could answer, the door opened, and Madam Silvertreat walked in.     ***********   “For the life of me, I will never understand mortals’ clothing.” Madam Silvertreat held up Myrtle’s torn clothes.   “That is the best quality leather!” said Sarra, looking with great disgust towards Madam Silvertreat.   “Is spider silk stronger, Madam Silvertreat?” Myrtle still wanted to know more about the strange fabric.   “Of course it’s stronger, silly girl. But let’s not discuss the quality of two worlds. You need new traveling gear. Lets see, you cannot move as freely in a skirt. Lets make something comparable with your pantsuit with some small adjustments. Like no skirt-like fabric,” said Madam Silvertreat. Myrtle nodded, and she turned towards the man and Sarra.   “Lucala, could you please take those two to the entrance. I will join you when Madam Silvertreat and I are done,” said Myrtle. Lucala, who had been quiet the whole time Sarra ranted, nodded. But Sarra shook her head.     “No I’m staying. We are all three women after all.” Myrtle started to laugh.     “That’s not what I mean. Spider silk is spun directly from the source.” Myrtle pointed towards the bag of Madam Silvertreat. “That bag is full of spiders.” Sarra looked at the bag and nodded.     “I see your point. Let’s go, Prince Snowflake.” Lucala smiled towards Sarra.     “You know I’ve a name, right?” Myrtle saw that he liked the way Sarra treated him, Sarra looked at him.     “It can speak. So, Prince Snowflake, you can tell my brother and myself your name, while Myrtle is busy playing with creepy creatures.” Myrtle looked at the door as it closed. She couldn’t help a grin on her face.   “That silly girl said that my spickywicky’s are creepy?” Madam Silvertreat’s voice was filled with disbelief. Myrtle nodded.   “You have to forgive my friend, Madam. She has always been afraid of spiders.” Madam Silvertreat looked at her.   “Well luckily for me, that is not the case with you.” Madam Silvertreat took all that she needed out of the bag.

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Winter Court
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One of the Noble Courts of Faerie

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Purpleheart Publishing

Purpleheart publishing is the name Nathalia Books gives to her Indy work. Working at a kitchen table with a good cup of coffee, the books come together.

About the author

Nathalia Books is a dreamer and turns these dreams into stories. Each with their own world and charm, she prefers to write all day long and she loves to forget the world around her. Her worlds take you to deserted places and unknown cities. She introduces you to unknown races and beliefs.


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