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Queen Consort Therasia Verena

Queen Consort Therasia Verena Pia Delphina Inosentia- Vestri

Therasia Verena is the eldest daughter of Duke Clarus Ambilus Vestri and Dutchess Placida Constantia Vestri. She grew up in Vesttrali, which sits on the southern border of Isendree and Corbic. While both of her parents did their best to be present and involved in Therasia and her twin sister, Quirina Ignatia, running the Duchy of Vesttrali took up most of their time. Despite their parent's efforts, the Vestri children were raised by their aunt, Aurea Pia. Aurea spent almost every day with her nieces, she had free rain over the girls' education, upbringing, and social lives and was rarely overruled by either of their parents.

Mental characteristics


Therasia and her sister began their education at the age of three. Their aunt was their sole tutor, up until they went to university. Aurea taught them everything from reading and writing to mathematics and sciences. Even the deepest and darkest parts of Isendreen's history were taught and the injustices of the present were pointed out to them. When they were older she taught them different theories and philosophies about governing and power. She was the first woman in the Vestri family to go to university. She encouraged both girls to do the same.   Therasia was the first of the girls to go to university. She studied law and governing for five years before getting her degree. Quirina started university three years after her sister started. She took an accelerated course in government and politics and graduated with her sister.



In 991 AnCog, when Therasia was 16, her father was assassinated. As her father's heir, Therasia was crowned Duchess of Vesttrali two days after her father's funeral. Although she had been preparing for this role her entire life it came much sooner than anyone expected. As she worked, Therasia quickly discovered that her father had been abusing both his power and his people. He not only overtaxed and overworked the people, but he added an extra tax to essential items like food causing many people to be malnourished and some to die. Against her mother's advice, Therasia quickly removed any laws and policies that abused the people and used the excessive wealth her father had built up to expand the school and medical systems in Vesttrali. She worked hard, with the help of her aunt, mother, and sister, to bring peace and prosperity to the dutcy. After a year, Therasia put her aunt and sister in charge and moved to the capital to attend university.   In 994 AnCog, she married King Leo Vitalis and abdicated as Dutchess of Vesttrali in favor of her sister. A few days later she was crowned Queen Consort of Isendree and made Supreme Judge of Isendree. While she was completing her education, she got much advice from the former Queen Consort and Supreme Judge, Benadicta Regina, and a team of experts in Isendreen law to help her in her duties. After five years she completed her degree and created a new team of advisors that was a more equal mix of age, gender, and life experiences, in hopes to create a fairer and wiser government. Although she and her husband often shared quite different views they worked very well together influencing each other's politics and governing for the better.

Family Ties

Despite her parent's inability to deeply engage in Therasia's childhood, she had a good relationship with both of them. She always felt most connected to Aurea, her aunt, and often spoke of her as the better of her two mothers. Therasia did not begin to build a stronger relationship with her mother until after her father had died. They worked closely together during Therasia's first year as dutchess, although she often went against her mother's wishes and had very different ideas of how to run the dutchy than either of her parents had.   Therasia was very close to her younger twin sister, Quirina Ignatia. Quirina was her right-hand woman and second in charge of the dutchy. When Therasia married and had to give up her title, she passed it on to her sister rather than her mother or aunt as many people had expected. Quirina was her most trusted advisor and the only person she knew would carry on what she had started in Vesttrali.   In 992 AnCog, she moved to the capital to go to university. While there she met King Leo Vitalis and fell in love. They courted for two years before getting married in 994. During their courtship, they had little privacy and were the focus of much gossip. While some people, like the Queen Mother, were very understanding and supportive of their long courtship, many nobles believed that it was selfish of them to wait so long to make their relationship permanent and bring the country more stability, by having a child. Although they were different in many ways, they were both young and believed that those differences were not as important as the stability of the nation and their privacy. Upon marrying Leo, Therasia joined the The House of Inosentia.   Two years later she gave birth to their first child, Naenia Isobel, and in 998 AnCog she gave birth to twins Vincentius Achille and Viviana Amor.


King Leo Vitalis


Towards Queen Consort Therasia Verena


Queen Consort Therasia Verena


Towards King Leo Vitalis


Honorary & Occupational Titles
Duchess of Vesttrali: 991-994                  Queen Consort of Isendree: 994-                  Supreme Judge of Isendree: 994-
Date of Birth
17th of Judari 975 AnCog
Year of Birth
975 AnCog 42 Years old
King Leo Vitalis (Spouse)
Aligned Organization


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