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Íde Maol Rinn

Captain's Mate Íde Teasag Maol Rinn

Íde Maol Rinn was born to fae parents in Barani, a port city on the Nyronan coast. Her parents were first-generation immigrants to Nyrona after they were forced out of Isendree during the expulsion of the fae. Although she did grow up in the segregation of Isendree, Íde and her family still faced much discrimination. Not only the youngest in her family, but she is also six years younger than her closest sibling. Because of this extreme age difference, Íde was often left to fend for herself, especially at school. Throughout the entirety of her education career, Íde experienced a lot of bullying from her classmates and discrimination from her teachers. After barely graduating from a second-level academy, she entered into an apprenticeship with a fae apothecary. Unfortunately shortly after her apprenticeship started, Nyrona began nationwide discrimination and removal of Fae. During the first wave of removal, both of Íde's parents and master were killed. She, her siblings, and their families fled to the docks and boarded one of the few ships taking people from the city. It was a pirate ship, run by a satyr named Aisha Otieno. She promised them all safe travel to Kiranin but could not help them after that.   When they reached Kiranin, Otieno struck a deal with Íde promising the young faerie her ship and training in piracy and sailing if she stayed with the crew. Against her sibling's wishes, Íde agreed, she was seventeen at the time. Íde learned quickly and worked diligently, rising through the ranks. Although she believed she was ready, Otieno knew better. Months later, Íde experienced her first battle aboard ship. Men on both sides died and Íde realized just how much she had to learn about being a pirate.    She may not be captain yet, but Íde had become famous for her wit and skill at sea. She has helped to save thousands of fae from their crumbling security in Nyrona and other countries.


Captain Aisha Otieno


Towards Íde Maol Rinn


Íde Maol Rinn


Towards Captain Aisha Otieno


Date of Birth
27th of Brigdan, 992 AnCog
Year of Birth
992 AnCog 25 Years old


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