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Fairy Marriage

Fairies are the only Supernaturals whose culture was not radically altered after the Mille Agreement. This is because fairies lived in isolated communities and barely participated in the war that ended in the agreement. They continued to have their autonomous communities respected for the most part, and their culture was able to flourish in their isolation, while other Supernaturals such as the werewolves and witches were much less fortunate.   One of the traditions that remains largely unchanged since time immemorial is the Fairy Marriage. Fairies do not get married to partners in the way other cultures do. When fairies reach full adulthood, they symbolically married to their ancestral Fairy Forest, and are thus acknowledged as full members of society.   The Fairy Marriage happens early in early spring. The participants are all those who have reached adulthood since the last Fairy Marriage. Fairy Marriages usually unite most of the fairy community scattered in the forest. They join together all their new adults and have them build a big tent from leaves and soil next to a river. The new adults spend the next month in the tent, with nothing to live on other than what the forest provides for them. They are also supposed to pray and seek the forest’s blessing every day, and swear to protect it with their lives in return.   At the end of the month, the rest of the community comes to get them, and welcome them into the world of adulthood.   An adult fairy is able to form independent family units. Those are groups of people of any number and genders who develop romantic bonds to each other and decide to share their lives. Usually those family units have children. All adults in the family unit, regardless of genetic relationships, are regarded as the primary guardians of the children, though the community as a whole is considered responsible for children’s care and education.


All Fairies attend one way or another. New adult fairies are the active participants, and the rest of the community is there to support them.


It happens once a year in early spring.

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