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Arti-Blood Nutritional Supplement

The Arti-Blood Nutritional Supplement (sold in packs of 30, 180, and 365) is the latest advancement in Vampire food technology. Vampires who have a steady supply of Arti-Blood Nutritional Supplement will never again need to feed on humans or lesser animals, and will thus become full, non-threatening members of society.   It looks like a normal 500ml bag of soup, though it is red and has glittery floating bits inside (purely for aesthetic reasons. Glitter has no nutritional value whatsoever). Some slightly more expensive bags also feature the face of celebrity Vampires (and the even more expensive ones feature tasty-looking humans and are limited-edition only).   The Arti-Blood Nutritional Supplement is the sole reason Vampires are no longer considered a threat to humans in most places. It was developed by a team of humans and vampires who wanted to make sure Vampires were able to develop properly without putting humanity at risk. It took them ten years of study, a few fatalities, and many chemical burns, but the result was worth it in the end.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The Arti-Blood Nutritional Supplement is created from artificial blood elements that, although not made from real human blood, deliver the exact same nutritional value to our favourite blood-suckers. The product is safely packed in a sealed 500ml bag with two pre-assigned holes where special straws are to be inserted, thus allowing Vampires to mimic the sensation of sucking blood from a living creature. One 500ml bag is enough to sustain an adult average vampire for a whole day (larger-than-average vampires may require one and a half or two bags, smaller vampires and younger vampires may require less than a bag a day). Arti-Blood Nutritional Supplement bags are made with reclosable technology, allowing the Vampire to feed multiple times a day, imitating a human routine if they so wish.   Arti-Blood Nutritional Supplements should always be kept refrigerated (though freezing will damage the product's chemical composition and render it useless). It needs to be heated in a microwave or saucepan with water (never take the contents out of the bag in either process) before being consumed. Arti-Blood Nutritional Supplements tastes best at 37 degrees).


Arti-Blood Nutritional Supplement is the first all-encompassing nutritional supply for Vampires that does not rely on real human blood, and is therefore safe to be mass-consumed. Thanks to the Arti-Blood Nutritional Supplement, Vampires can now enjoy the wonders of the human world without being perceived as a threat to them (unless they are in the Western Republic, that is).
The Arti-Blood Nutritional Supplement is available in all major surpermarkets and specialised stores. Only trust authorised retailers. Arti-Blood Nutritional Supplement takes no responsibility for fake imitations sold in other locations and any harm they may cause.
500ml per bag, which means the year-round supply packs can get quite heavy.
Think of a standard half-little plastic bottle in sealed bag form.
Base Price
Twice the price of food to feed an average human for the same amount of time

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