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NOTE: This world is tagged as 18+ because it's got some really messed up and graphically violent stuff. Proceed at your own discretion. There's your warning.   Carcerem is a galaxy in a small pocket-dimension of a universe. Said universe consists only of this galaxy. Beyond its limits is an inky and starless void that will eventually loop and bring you back to where you started. This universe is highly unstable, as it can connect to other universes for brief periods of time through transient rifts (some of which are deliberately created), and it has certain laws of nature that mankind is unfamiliar with.   Nature's scary. The universe is ruthless. Carcerem is a prime example of just how brutal of a place the cosmos can truly be. Numerous races rise and fall, some good, some bad. There were the Boletus, a fungal people that once terrorized Carcerem by using other species to infect with their spores in order to reproduce. That is, until the Grimvons entered Carcerem from another universe and just so happened to have a drug-like addiction to the flesh of the Boletus, as well as an immunity to their spores. Needless to say, the Boletus are no longer much of a threat.   It is estimated that 800 different species inhabit this pocket dimension. The very life force of living things are used by some as an energy force, and a drug-like substance by others. In a world where even the incorporeal is malleable and even small creatures have the ability to kill planets, pretty much anything is possible.  
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