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The Oparium Temple

The Oparium Temple is the organized state religion of the Katerian Empire. It worships a pantheon of Gods and pushes a human-centric agenda.



The Arch-Bishop is the leader of the Oparium Temple, and as such presides over all of the Temple's lands and laws.  

Council of Bishops

The Council of Bishops is a group of 4 Bishops who elect the new Arch-Bishop.



Bishops lead a Bishopric, which is usually 2 Grand Diocese. Generally these cover an entire Kingdom.


Grand Rectors:

Grand Rectors lead a Grand Diocese, which is equivalent to around 10 Arch-Diocese, and therefore around half of a Kingdom.



Arch-Rectors lead an Arch-Diocese, which is equivalent to a Duchy.



Rectors lead a Diocese, which is an area of land equivalent to a County. This means that they have several temples underneath them, especially in highly populated areas.



Vicars are the head priests of a particular temple, and by extension, its parish. They are responsible for the upkeep of the temple as well as its various businesses.



Curates are the most common member of the Temple's hierarchy. Each temple will have up to 10, more if the structure is especially large. These Priests usually minister to the daily tasks of the temple, as well as giving sermons and performing rituals as needed.



Acolytes are young members of the Clergy who have not yet taken vows. They usually enter the organization around 12 or 13 years of age, and are ordained when they turn 18.



Monks are the lowest ranking members of the Oparium Temple's Clergy. They belong to their own order and are cloistered from society at large. Monks are also the only members of the Temple that are devoted only to a single God.

Religious, Pantheon
Subsidiary Organizations

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