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The Empire of Kateria

The most prominent of the western nations, and the direct opponent of both the Kingdoms of Suradan and Kotimaa, the Katerian Empire is a sprawling world super-power loosely composed of 16 nation-states.   The capital of the Empire is the kingdom of Kateria, an island nation, and the most heavily populated area in the world. In order to rule the large landmass that it does with little threat of revolt, the empire typically allows areas to govern themselves. Those who bent the knee to the empire are often granted land and are allowed to rule as they have in the past and maintain their own nobility.  

Arms of the Imperial Kingdoms

Public Agenda

The Empire is extremely intolerant towards mages. Non-divine magic has been outlawed in the empire as many consider magic to be the cause of the worlds prolific monster problem. Others believe magic to be an inherently destructive force and fear sorcerers as the awakening of their powers often has destructive consequences. Some wizards have managed to maintain a life in the empire claiming that they are priests. These so called priests have been allowed to stay as they strengthen the empires military. Not all mages living in the empire are that lucky however as many mages are executed by inquisitors. Most mages have fled the empire, but the few that remain live in secret.


The Katerian Empire was founded nearly 2000 years ago. In this time they have gone on to conquer nearly half the continent.


Another tactic the empire has taken to maintain control is through religion. The humans worship the Gods of Man which are in essence an incorporation of all world religions. As the empire conquered the territory they added the gods worshiped by the populace to their own religion. The empire is extremely tolerant in terms of religion as long as people are worshipping something. Many peasants of the empire take to worshipping powerful monsters as gods, and these monsters in turn provide things for the people. Although monster worship is strange it is not uncommon, and most of the time the people truly believe the monsters to be gods. Humans typically are fairly religious people and pray for a variety of things such as a plentiful harvests, or good fortune.
Founding Date
Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
The Empire of Man, The Land of the Griffon
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Market economy
Golden Griffons
Official State Religion
Related Ethnicities
Size: 5,473,000 sq.m.   GDP: 251.8 million gold   Population: 265,220,000

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Articles under The Empire of Kateria

Cover image: Morning Arrival by Andreas Rocha

Reign of Man

2088 CE and beyond

  • 0 CE

    48 CE

    Reign of Caelus I
    Life, Career

    The first King of Kateria.

    Additional timelines
  • 48 CE

    58 CE

    Reign of Aulus I
    Life, Career

    2nd King of Kateria.

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    The Empire of Kateria
  • 58 CE

    126 CE

    Reign of Darius I
    Life, Career

    3rd King of Kateria.

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    The Empire of Kateria
  • 126 CE

    148 CE

    Reign of Severus I
    Life, Career

    The 4th king of Kateria.

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    The Empire of Kateria
  • 148 CE

    215 CE

    Reign of Paulinius I
    Life, Career

    5th King of Kateria

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    The Empire of Kateria
  • 215 CE

    259 CE

    Reign of Eugenius I
    Life, Career

    6th King of Kateria.

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    The Empire of Kateria
  • 259 CE

    289 CE

    Reign of Horatius I
    Life, Career

    The First Emperor of Kateria

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    The Empire of Kateria
    Additional timelines
  • 289 CE

    317 CE

    Reign of Livius I
    Life, Career

    2nd Emperor of Kateria.

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    The Empire of Kateria
  • 317 CE

    375 CE

    Reign of Varius I
    Life, Career

    3rd Emperor of Kateria.

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    The Empire of Kateria
  • 375 CE

    430 CE

    Reign of Valerianus I
    Life, Career

    4th Emperor of Kateria.

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    The Empire of Kateria
  • 430 CE

    470 CE

    Reign of Marcus I
    Life, Career

    5th Emperor of Kateria.

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    The Empire of Kateria
  • 470 CE

    473 CE

    Reign of Caelius II

    Katerian Spouse 4 Children 3 Sons, 1 Daughter 1st Son inherited Time of Plenty Sadist Public Opinion - Kind Ambition - Purge a specific race - 93% effectiveness

  • 473 CE

    520 CE

    Reign of Quintinus I

    Caelaechen Spouse 6 Children 3 Sons, 3 Daughters 1st Son inherits Constant War Politician Public Opinion- kind Ambition - Centralize power - 19% Effectiveness

  • 520 CE

    537 CE

    The Reign of Basilius I

    Katerian Spouse 4 Children 2 Sons, 2 Daughters Constant War Populist Ambition - Improve rights of subjects - 34% Effectiveness

  • 592 CE

    594 CE

    The Reign of Cassius I

    Revellundian Spouse 3 Children 1 Son, 2 Daughters Son did not inherit Peaceful reign Philospher Ambition - Wrote Books - 23% effectiveness Public Opinion - Kind


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